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I feel like we have a lot to catch up on from the last few weeks, I seem to have been super busy all of a sudden!! A few weeks ago, my mum and I caught the train to stay with Heather, Andy and Tiny Tin Bird for a while. It seemed that whenever they came to visit, I had a lot going on at uni and so didn’t really get to spend a lot of time with them, so it was really lovely to spend some proper time with them and really get to know TTB at the age he’s at now. He’s grown so MUCH!! And not just in size, but in character too. He can do lots of animal noises on command (great fun), is fascinated with snails (ew) and loves to potter about in the garden. He just loves my mum so much, he runs around mumbling ‘Mamba? Mamba? MAMBA!!!’ until he finds her, haha. He’s a little cutie pie.

 photo IMG_0407_zps77ef6f9d.jpg

 photo IMG_0408_zps42d4bdc0.jpg

 photo IMG_0411_zps4d673499.jpg

 photo IMG_0463_zpsa14c7a29.jpg

While we were there, the Tour de France was passing through the town and we went to watch it. There was a lot of waiting, but it was such a great experience and all the masses of people seemed so happy, it was a great atmosphere. TTB was quite interested in the caravan of vehicles going through, but got a bit bored and fidgety after that so Heather took him home. She ran back just in time for the bikes to come through after leaving TTB with Andy.

 photo IMG_0422_zpsd2c3c85b.jpg

 photo IMG_0431_zps5f1fc173.jpg

 photo IMG_0436_zpsd45698fd.jpg

 photo IMG_0440_zpsd6ce32b3.jpg

 photo IMG_0442_zps528fc2b3.jpg

 photo IMG_0443_zpscd150ce7.jpg

Heather and TTB came home with us for the week and we all had such a nice time. It was great to see TTB just pottering around the garden. We took him to the woods which was brilliant (if not a little muddy – he got cross when I wouldn’t take him right into the middle of the big mud patch, but I knew one or both of us would end up stuck!). We also had a lot of fun in a little paddling pool my mum bought. TTB ended up putting all of his toys in it, sitting on the bunny bike thingy and saying, ‘Uh oh, stuck!’.

 photo IMG_0486_zpsd0b60e8e.jpg

 photo IMG_0489_zps6816a333.jpg

I had a lovely time and I think everyone else did too! I’m going away for nearly a week to work in a vegetarian burger van at a flower festival, which I’m not looking forward to one bit – we have to camp at the end of 16 hour-ish shifts and it’s going to be SO HOT! Urgh, oh well, it will be worth it for the money. It WILL! Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying the sunny weather as much as I am.



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  1. Rosy Nancarrow

    Good to have you back Alice! I have missed your blog x

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