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Guess What…

I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s officially not acceptable for me to lie in till 11am, take afternoon naps, get discount on clothes, eat very questionable food and leave anything important until the very last minute. (Although, just because it’s not acceptable doesn’t mean I’m not still doing all these things (apart from student discount, grrr). I can take the judgement.).

 photo 10556388_10152260907288181_5615690318914441072_n_zpsb8223f8f.jpg

Yesterday, I took my final ceremonious trip to Warwick University, donned my gowns and celebrated getting my degree with my friends. It was a great day, and due to meticulous planning on our part and a very efficient system on Warwick’s part,  we managed to fly around the gown-getting, picture-taking, lunch-eating and people-greeting without getting into a single unmanageable queue. The whole day was really well organised and my department put on a huge spread of free cakes, cheesecakes, scones and drinks which everyone seemed to enjoy. After a few departmental prizes, it was time to go into the hall and start the graduation process. I thought it would be quite long and dreary, but there was an organist, choir and brass band to keep us entertained while everyone found their seats, and all the speakers were very good, keeping it humorous and short. It was a brilliant feeling walking up and getting my certificate, and it was also great to see my friends graduating – there was lots of whooping and cheering!

 photo IMG_0537_zpsc1552d01.jpg

After the ceremony, we had a big group photo taken – one formal, and one throwing the mortar boards. Of course, the mortar boards could only be thrown once we’d had the official health and safety talks after someone managed to cut their head open last year – front rows throw forward, back rows throw backwards, then DUCK!!! It was all a lot of fun and good way to end an amazing three years. I’ll definitely miss being a student, anyway!

 photo IMG_0539_zpsc8ae3d84.jpg

h photo IMG_0545_zps4bb43fe6.jpg

I know I’ve been a bit lapse with my posts (even for my great comeback!), but I have lots of exciting, if not a little outdated, things to share such as going to see the Tour De France in Yorkshire and having lots of fun with Heather and Tiny Tin Bird. Hopefully I’ll manage to write these before we all die of old age!



  1. Jan

    Congratulations! I am interested to hear what the future holds for you. 🙂

  2. Congrats on receiving your diploma. Such an exciting time in life with all the possible directions. Good skill with it all.

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