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I’m Back!!

Hello! How are all you lovely people?

I think a bit of an apology is needed on my part for just leaving my blog so suddenly without any explanation or a goodbye, but in all honesty I never made a conscious decision to stop writing, it just kind of happened. I had a bloomin’ busy summer last year, working in the diabetes lab 9-5 and canoeing or seeing friends every day after work. I’d made a promise to myself that although I was working, it wouldn’t stop me doing all the things I would usually do in the summer and so I was just super duper busy. And let me tell you, being super duper busy is also super duper tiring! I was a bit of a zombie the whole time and although I wanted to keep my blog going, I didn’t have the energy to make it good – I would just write something quickly for the sake of submitting a post, add a few pictures and be done with it. It wasn’t fun for me any more, I wasn’t posting as often as I wanted to, and the posts I did write I just wasn’t very happy with. I stumbled on like this through the summer, but when I moved in for my final year at university I spent a lot of time with my friends – sorry, I obviously mean I spent lots of time working, studying and researching for my degree… – and I kept saying to myself, ‘I’ll write tomorrow, I’ll write tomorrow’, and then it got so long from writing a post that it didn’t really seem important any more. So I’m sorry to leave you all hanging for so long! I’ve just finished my final year and I have my last ever summer holiday stretched out in front of me, and I intend to share it all with you.

So, what have I been up to over the last year? Well, lots of things really:

Some friends and I made a Mario cake for our other friend’s 21st birthday. After a lot of thought, we managed to hide a mushroom design in the middle of it too. It was a little lopsided, but we were pretty pleased with it.

 photo 1381621_10151728856188181_1517288402_n_zps40efdbe6.jpg

 photo 1375140_10151728855873181_729625703_n_zps0d04db6d.jpg


I turned 21 in November, and the least said about that the better I think! Lets just say I won’t be drinking home made skittles vodka quite so readily again… My mum did make me the most awesome cake though!! Triple layered, surrounded by twirls and filled with surprise sweets. It was SO. GOOD. My friends also made me a pretty incredible doge meme cake (you’ll have to Google that if you don’t understand).

 photo photo13_zpsd2a91d9d.jpg

 photo photo15_zps59c6b052.jpg

 photo 1402336_10151810399368181_2134023011_o_zpsc1a13cf6.jpg

I bought my first ever Christmas jumper with some money my Grandma gave me for my birthday, and helped to cook our third and final uni Christmas dinner. (If anyone’s interested, it definitely takes more than three years to perfect a Christmas meal!).

 photo 996060_10151847009658181_1446167391_n_zpsdf07aef3.jpg

 photo 936064_10151847007963181_36806630_n_zpsabff95d5.jpg

We had a full house for actual Christmas, with my Grandma, Heather, Andy and Tiny Tin Bird all visiting (along with Rachel, Patch, my mum, my dad and me). We had a great time and having TTB around made it even more special, as well as multiplying the number of presents under the tree considerably – you should have seen his face!

 photo 1521943_10151895595073181_1611479492_n_zps6df1af77.jpg

 photo 544595_10151895595273181_1652556832_n_zps930ccdaf.jpg


The two terms after Christmas were mainly spent working. A lot. I had lectures and assignments throughout the first term, and the Easter holidays were spent on my own in my uni flat revising non stop. As in, waking up at 6:30 and revising all day until going to bed at 11:30. I wrote so many notes that the skin on my finger wore through by being dragged across the paper! It was absolutely horrific and meant I didn’t get to go home at all. Rachel sent me a very well received revision pack full of snacks, notebooks and pens which was very helpful! Thankfully I was well looked after during the exam period, with my flatmate cooking for me and letting me moan on and on about exams the whole time. The exams themselves weren’t so bad in the end, and despite my attempt at skipping them all by playing snakes and ladders with the calendar, I got through them well enough by predicting what questions would come up. The tactic worked surprisingly well for me and I managed to guess right 90% of the time, luckily! It’s a very risky game…

 photo 10155316_10152080043793181_3007122003213175703_n_zpsff3bdbe9.jpg

 photo 10171101_10152055873578181_946152123_n_zps7dda3e57.jpg

 photo 10304981_10152093662643181_1980157294298284621_n_zpsccb0ff74.jpg

The day after my last of 6 incredibly tough exams, I started work in a lab at uni for my third year project. I had to do my own experiments that complemented that of the PhD student that was looking after me and then write a 10,000 word dissertation on it. The whole process was pretty intense, but I finished it and handed it in and was done with uni work forever!!!

 photo IMG_0477_zps4cb17e73.jpg

 photo IMG_0478_zps4e3baa20.jpg

I also went to my friend, Elena’s hen do. (Elena has recently started blogging, go and check her blog out – especially if you like chickens!). We dressed as sailor’s, did a brilliant treasure hunt around Oxford and then went on a boat trip, it was great fun! Her wedding to my canoe club coach and friend (I should clarify this is one person, not two!) was last weekend, we went to the reception and it was lovely! I had definite bunting envy!

 photo IMG_04421_zpsdd63aed7.jpg

 photo 10473182_10152213920323181_7859781205705506861_n_zps15c61c56.jpg

 photo 10418286_10152213922853181_5860452759589261599_n_zps675d9615.jpg

 photo 10463990_10152213920743181_6060925978250083592_n_zps5ba931d4.jpg

As well as all of that, I baked lots of bread with my flatmate, we bought new guinea pigs and a new rabbit at home, bought the world’s biggest pizza (twice!), did a no-make-up-selfie for breast cancer awareness, and somehow managed to do some canoeing through it all!


 photo 1525135_10151934414158181_687757266_n_zpsbaa58132.jpg

 photo 1497645_10151889806873181_676928239_n_zps79a5a4a3.jpg

 photo 1654269_10151966277558181_363163242_n_zps6ca8c06e.jpg

 photo 1460066_10152039295223181_518686290_n_zps0a5773a2.jpg

It’s been a busy, busy few months and I hope you’ll stay with me as I write about the ones to come in a bit more detail. Goodbye for now!




  1. Jennifer R.

    Welcome back!!!!

  2. One-oh-four

    Hurray! Glad you’re OK. I’ve missed your blog, so I was really pleased to see it pop up in my bloglovin feed. When do you get your exam results? Btw those cakes look awesome – definitely pinching the “chocolate / sweets in the middle” idea for my daughter.

  3. Matt


  4. Yay Alice, you’re back!! 🙂

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