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Tiny Tin Bird’s 1st Birthday Party

This weekend Heather, Andy and Tiny Tin Bird came down so we could celebrate TTB’s first birthday. His actual birthday isn’t until next week, but we had our own little party at our house for him on Saturday. Actually, it wasn’t that little – we had 17 adults and 3 children under two years old, which was a bit of a squeeze but it turned out just fine. The children provided entertainment for the adults, either by playing with anything but the toys, throwing food around the room or being fascinated by the apple tree in the garden.

My mum made an A-MAZ-ING cake. It was just fantabidooby! One large base tier of chocolate cake with a smaller top tier of vanilla sponge. It looked great and tasted just as good. (Apologies for the tiny photo followed by the yellow blurry one!):

 photo photo11_zps3f88d579.jpg

 photo P1110422_zps3ba64e38.jpg

TTB coped amazingly with all the attention. In fact, he lapped it up! Everyone wanted a cuddle with the birthday boy and he was quite happy to oblige as long as it didn’t interfere with the very important business of chewing wooden blocks, playing with wrapping paper or generally pottering about. Talking of wrapping paper, TTB was VERY spoiled with all his gifts. Everyone wanted to make his first birthday special and so he ended up with TONS of presents! It made me happy that most of them were books, but he also got a huge handmade wooden toy box, a lovely circus tent perfect for sitting and reading in, a big rug set out with lots of roads for him to use for his many cars and trucks, and a lovely rocking horse among MANY other things!

 photo P1110347_zps900a54d8.jpg

It’s hard to contend with a sister who has a full time job and a reputation for giving perfect presents, so whilst Rachel bought him the circus tent and a very big selection of books I bought a pull along toy telephone, similar to one we had as children, ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ (awesome book!) and a small toy truck. By the end of the day, TTB was a pro at unwrapping presents and managed to unwrap the truck all on his own!

 photo P1110403_zps8e73acda.jpg

It was also amazing to see him walking around on his own for the first time. He’s recently learnt to walk and is still a bit wobbly and sometimes likes a helping hand, but every so often if there’s something he wants, he just gets up and walks right over to it before turning to us and being like, ‘Yeah, I can walk now – problem?’. I love him 🙂 He’s so comfortable around people and he’s really inquisitive at the moment, he’s so fun to watch! You can actually see his thought process about things like windows opening, lights being turned on and where the television’s gone when he’s inside his circus tent.

 photo P1110406_zpsada7587d.jpg

It’s very easy to think about ‘this time last year’ and what we were all doing, but I’ll save all that for his actual birthday. For now, it was just nice to see him happy and remembering all of us. He still loves his books and he’ll be excited when he realises he’s got lots of new ones to look at before bedtime. All I can say is, it’s my 21st in a month and a half and now all I’m holding out for is a circus tent of my own!



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  1. Melanie

    Well that’s your present sorted then!

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