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The Grumpus

Hello again, how are you all?

I’m sorry for the lack of posts around these here parts, but lately I’ve just not been in the right mood to write a blog post. In fact, I’ve not been in the right mood to do anything really. You see, for the last few weeks I’ve been playing the part of The Grumpus.

The role of The Grumpus, if you didn’t know, is to be unreasonably grumpy and irritable due to lack of sleep and a busy life. Now I know that most people are tired and busy for most of their adult lives, but for some reason it just completely got to me recently. I finished my 10 week summer lab placement yesterday and throughout that entire period there was not one day that I came straight home from work and didn’t do anything in the evening. Admittedly, it was my choice to do all these things – canoeing nearly every day, seeing my friends, going to the pub and what not but I was already giving up the days of my holiday to work full time and I didn’t want to give up the evenings too.

Another characteristic of The Grumpus is to ignore any important jobs or commitments. Send the modem from my old uni house back? Nope! Write a blog post for the first time in a week? Not now! Arrange to pick the keys up for my new uni house? Sorry, I’d rather hide away and read my book. So I’ve basically been a non-functional, snappy, not-so-nice-to-be-around person recently. It’s been great (where did that sarcastic font go?)! Anyway, I’ve finished my placement now and have three weeks off before uni starts again. And whilst I’m so looking forward to having time to catch up on some sleep and actually do some things that I want to do, I will miss the people at my placement. They’ve been so good to me, spending about two hours going through my CV with me, talking about how to increase my chances of doing a PhD and just generally giving me lots of advice.  I’m so grateful to them.

So basically what I’m trying to say in this post is that I’ll hopefully turn back into some kind of normal person over the next few days and I should return to my usual blogging schedule, whatever that was before exams and work and life got in the way.

Right, I’m off to go and apologise to anyone and everyone I’ve encountered over the last two weeks. Back soon!


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