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My Bank Holiday Monday

Today is a bank holiday in the UK, and boy have I been looking forward to it! After eight weeks of working and training, topped off by a weekend of competing and spectating at the national marathon canoeing championships, I was well in need of a lie in. I purposefully planned absolutely nothing for the whole day so I wouldn’t need to worry at all about waking up at a certain time and could just lie in bed all day if I felt like it. I ended up sleeping for 11 and a half hours and it was absolutely brilliant! Once I’d woken up, I came downstairs, had some breakfast, read some of my book and played a bit of Wii with Patch before he suggested that we go to pizza hut for lunch.

I wasn’t sure if going out to eat on a bank holiday Monday was such a good idea, but it’s been such a long time since I’ve done anything with Patch that I didn’t think it could do too much harm. So we drove the twenty minutes into town and parked in the carpark before seeing that pizza hut was pretty full. Almost completely full actually. We went in to the entrance anyway and stood at the front of the queue, and then we saw that there was one empty table for two. Right next to our next door neighbour who was there with her boyfriend. It was at this point, being the awkward human beings that we are, that we decided maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to eat out. We practically ran from the queue and spent a few minutes deliberating about what to do.

We didn’t really want to just drive home again, and by that point we’d gotten pretty hungry, so we decided to get takeaway pizza and drive somewhere nice to eat it since it was a sunny day. As we were waiting for the pizzas to be cooked, we got a text from someone at the canoe club who’s kind of like an uncle to us, asking us if we wanted to go and play golf with him and his son. Yes, we’d love to, once we’ve eaten our pizza. We picked up our order and walked back to the car, only to find that I had a flat tyre. Oh, great. But then I thought, as flat tyres go, this wasn’t such a bad time to get one. We weren’t in a major rush for anything, I wasn’t on my way to or from work, I wasn’t on my own, or on a country lane, or in the dark. We had food, we were surrounded by shops (with toilets should we need them!) and it wasn’t freezing cold. Those are all pretty good things, considering. So I rang the breakdown people and asked for a big strong man to come and change my tyre for me, and they asked me lots of hard questions like my registration number, whether I had alloys or plastic hubcaps (to which I replied, ‘I think I’ve got plastic alloys’. Erm, I don’t think so Alice!) and if I was in any immediate danger. They said they’d be there within 62 minutes to which I immediately added another 15 minutes onto like usual, and me and Patch settled down for our makeshift picnic in the car.

To our surprise, they arrived in 15 minutes – we hadn’t even finished our pizzas! He found a nail in my tyre and told me I could probably get it repaired, whipped it off and put my spare on before rushing off to help someone on the motorway. The timing worked out perfectly actually, as we were just in time to meet our friends to play golf in the very hot afternoon sun.

I can think of better ways to spend a day off, but I’m just very grateful that I got a flat tyre in these circumstances rather than on the dual carriageway in rush hour traffic and the pouring rain on my way to work tomorrow morning or something. Plus, we got to eat pizza and play golf, so that was a bonus!

How have you spent your bank holiday if you’ve had one?



  1. Melanie

    I was at WORK! On the lovely hot sunny day; not eating pizza or playing golf! Oh, but wait, I finished all of Patch’s pizza when I got home – like I thought he said I could do, but obv got wrong as he was completely unimpressed with having no pizza left for breakfast(?) when he came home the next morning! As I’m a nice person though I have bought a big pizza as a replacement. Sorry Patch!

  2. One-oh-four

    It wasn’t a bank holiday where I was – Mykonos in Greece (aka Paradise)! Back home now though.

    Please tell us more about the canoeing championships….

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