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A Visit from the Tin Birds

Two weeks ago, it was my grandma’s birthday and Heather and Tiny Tin Bird came to stay for about a week and a half so we could all celebrate together. My grandma absolutely loves watching him potter around and had carefully taken everything off her small, low coffee table so he wouldn’t get in to anything he shouldn’t do. We celebrated her birthday by eating lots of scrummy cake and chocolate brownies and watching TTB potter around her sitting room, enjoying all the new, mysterious things to explore.

 photo P1110129_zps08d52309.jpg

 photo P1110130_zps17e24dbd.jpg


It was so nice to actually be in the same house as Heather and TTB when they came to visit, even if I did only get to see TTB in the mornings before work and at the weekend. It was quite funny actually, because everyone always wanted to hold and cuddle and play with TTB, but everyone also had to get ready for work at the same time. We ended up playing pass the baby, reluctantly handing him over for someone else to play with while you had to brush your teeth or do your hair.

 photo P1110126_zps4df36f12.jpg

TTB has got so much character now – he is SO cheeky! He’ll crawl nonchalantly over to the door before looking over his shoulder to make sure we’re watching, and then crawling away at top speed, giggling to himself all the while. He then tends to end up at the guinea pigs’ cage or Bunny’s cage where he watches with amusement and tries to stick his fingers through the bars. That’s usually when one of us intervenes!

We all had such fun while Heather and TTB were here, and I even persuaded Heather and Andy (who came down last weekend) that Patch and I were responsible enough to take TTB to the park on our own. I think TTB got the star treatment while we were looking after him actually, because we both really didn’t want him to have to, you know, have his leg amputated or something while we were out. With Patch as the sat nav and the drinks operator, I was there to adjust the pram hood and steer him out of any direct sunlight. Then we reached the park and thought, ‘Oh my GOD! How is this safe for a child?! That swing is more than a foot off the ground, what if he fell?! And WHO ever thought a see-saw was a good idea? Do we LOOK like we want to launch our nephew into space?!’. And then we realised that we’re Auntie Alice and Uncle Patch and that those worries are for parents (which I was kind of worried people would mistake us for…) and that we’re meant to be the fun, care-free influence on his life.

So we flung him onto the big, flat swing made of netting and swung him as high as the thing would go. I swear it was almost upside down! Ok, now Heather’s recovered from her heart attack, I shall re-write the sentence as it actually was: We placed TTB as carefully as possible onto the safest looking swing for a baby and rocked him gently back and forth. I’m not sure he even realised it was moving to be honest! He wasn’t particularly bothered, so we took him over to the baby swings and pushed him between us while making faces at him. He seemed to enjoy this a lot more and actually laughed a few times. Next up was the see-saw and this was when I remembered why I was so looking forward to being an auntie – you can play on all the kids’ stuff again!! I sat on one end with TTB carefully nestled between me and the handles and Patch sat on the other end while we went up and down, our feet barely leaving the ground. I think me and Patch actually enjoyed the whole park experience more than TTB, but it was really nice to be out with him on our own too. AND HE SURVIVED!!! No pebbles swallowed, no eyes poked out and not even any vomit. I’d say that it was a successful trip.

We also spent a lot of time playing in the garden while they were here. TTB’s got a push along walker thingy that he loves using – he’s so good at walking with it now! He’s very good at walking while he holds onto someone’s fingers too and I’m sure he even started running a little bit when I was walking him down the garden and he saw Flossy rabbit in her run! I swear, he’ll do anything to go and watch Flossy hop around. He’ll stand by her run and put his fingers through the bars and when she comes up and nuzzles them, he bursts into fits of laughter – it’s the best game ever! He’s so funny. Another thing he absolutely loved was the swingball which Patch got out one day. I’m not sure if it was the noise of the bat hitting the ball, or the sight of the ball flying around but he just could not contain his giggles!

 photo P1110085_zpsf9d45ada.jpg

I do love it when they come to stay and I know it’s only going to get better as TTB gets older. I can’t WAIT to take him canoeing, and bake with him and take him swimming. The strangest thing is, I think the next time they’ll be down will be for his birthday. His BIRTHDAY! He’ll be a whole year old in September – how scary is that?! I swear time goes much quicker than it used to. I’ll have to get some ideas together for some presents!



  1. One-oh-four

    Sounds like you had a great time! Hard to believe you have been an aunty for nearly a year – doesn’t time fly? As TTB’s aunty it is your duty to buy him presents that make noises that annoy his parents – at least this is what my kids’ aunties all seem to think.

    Are you looking forward to next series of the Great British Bake-off? I’m hoping you get time to try out some recipes like last year….

    • Yes, we’ve been discussing whistles and kazoos and what not! Can’t wait for the Bake Off, I still need to make doughnuts from last year but I should have some time in the two weeks after my placement and before uni to try some things out 🙂

  2. One-oh-four

    My sister was very pleased with herself when she bought my son a toy saxophone (I think it came from the ELC). The joke is on her now though as her little boy is learning to play a real one which is MUCH louder….

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