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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

My Bank Holiday Monday

Today is a bank holiday in the UK, and boy have I been looking forward to it! After eight weeks of working and training, topped off by a weekend of competing and spectating at the national marathon canoeing championships, I was well in need of a lie in. I purposefully planned absolutely nothing for the …

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When Icing Goes Wrong

Last weekend was slightly different from normal, because last weekend it was Fairport. Fairport Convention are a kind of folky/rocky band and two of the members lived in the village where the canoe club is. Every year, they headline a big music festival in the village which attracts around 24,000 people and considering the village …

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A Visit from the Tin Birds

Two weeks ago, it was my grandma’s birthday and Heather¬†and Tiny Tin Bird came to stay for about a week and a half so we could all celebrate together.¬†My grandma absolutely loves watching him potter around and had carefully taken everything off her small, low coffee table so he wouldn’t get in to anything he …

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A little while ago I wrote a post about Neville, a long time member of the canoe club who was one of the people who first taught me to paddle. Unfortunately, last week, Neville lost his long fight with cancer and passed away. I usually hate talking/writing about this stuff, but it seemed wrong not …

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