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I mentioned quite a while ago now that I was having trouble uploading photos to my blog, but because I was revising for about 90% of my time at that moment, I couldn’t really do anything about it. Since then, though, I have talked to Heather, also known as ‘knower-of-all-blog-things’ and she told me that she uses Photobucket to store photos on and then links them to her blog from there. So, being her younger sister, I completely copied her and am now able to have photos on my blog again! Yay! Actually, this all happened a little while ago (as you may have gathered from the photos that have been appearing on here), but I’ve been a bit of a rubbish blogger recently and never actually told you about it.

ANYWAY, the point of mentioning all of that was because I’ve actually taken some almost relevant photos this week and thought I’d do more of a visual ‘bits of my life at the moment’, as opposed to a ‘let me ramble on for ages and tell you lots of insignificant details about my life’ post. Both types are good, but at the time of writing this post, the first will work better for me. I have a bedtime to stick to people!

So, here we go:

 photo P1110048_zpsf416ba11.jpg

The aftermath of nine month old Tiny Tin Bird’s lunch. It was not a pretty sight.

Heather, Andy and TTB came for a very impromptu visit on Saturday evening and stayed till Sunday afternoon. It was a very lovely, if brief, visit and it was good for everyone to know that impromptu is possible again, now that TTB is a little bit older. Many cuddles, and tickles and chuckles were had before we all had to say goodbye.`

 photo P1110049_zpsd9eea2a6.jpg

The view as I woke up from a much needed nap under the apple tree.

Once Heather, Andy and TTB had left, I decided to curl up on one of the blankets we’d put out for TTB to crawl on and had a bit of a nap. I slept wonderfully and afterwards I just kind of lay and looked up through the leaves of the apple tree while I woke up a bit more.

 photo P1110051_zps7bb03ad6.jpg

My pretty worn out canoe kit drying. Again.

I’m not really sure why I took a photo of this, but I can say that my canoe kit has been pretty much in constant use. It’s either being worn, washed or dried and is actually looking a bit worse for wear!

 photo P1110052_zps5666c091.jpg

Rediscovering Jamie’s Awesome Potatoes.

Last year, I found a recipe for some amazing potatoes by Jamie Oliver. They were done as a substitute for chips and they are SO good. We remembered them the other day and they were just as scrummy.

 photo P1110053_zpsa7163a58.jpg

Part of my walk to work (after the hour drive!). Not so bad, huh?!

 photo P1110055_zpse06abd49.jpg

The only frustrating thing is that you can see the hospital about 5 minutes in to the walk, but can’t actually get to it because there’s a stream that runs alongside the path. It’s very pretty and all, but if it means I have to get out of bed 15 minutes earlier, then I can do without it.

 photo P1110056_zpsd9ade334.jpg

 photo P1110059_zps5f44a486.jpg

The path then comes out along the road leading up to the hospital and I have to walk back along the other side of the stream to the hospital building. I have mixed feelings about this walk, as it is lovely, but having to do it twice a day before or after driving for nearly an hour can reduce its appeal slightly. Still, if I have to walk in, then I’m glad it’s a walk like this.

And this ends my small collection of photos from the week. I’ll admit that I seem to have taken photos of all the boring things in my life at the moment, but they’re still photos dammit!


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  1. One-oh-four

    Oh my! I had forgotten about *those* potatoes! I made then when you first posted the recipe (I think I commented then how good they were) and now I want to make them again but it is 11.30 pm!! Maybe tomorrow….

    Hope you are still enjoying your summer placement and managing to get time for some R+R too.

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