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The Fancy Picnic

It was such a lovely day today that after training at the canoe club, lounging in the sunny garden and seeing my Grandma, my mum and I decided to pack up some food and head to the canal to have a picnic in our favourite spot. Here’s last year’s post when we did the same thing. This time though, we decided to make some super nice summery food to take with us. Rachel gave my mum a Moroccan style cook book and the weather’s just turned good enough for us to try out some of the recipes from it. We actually had a similar meal last night, out in the garden using our nice new garden furniture:

 photo P1110029_zps63ec4e14.jpg

 photo P1110030_zps79596118.jpg

It gave my mum a chance to use her new griddle pan to cook some AMAZING courgettes marinated in lots of yummy stuff. We also had butternut squash, cous cous, peppers, garlic bread (thanks to my old housemate who left it in the freezer after she left), pitta bread and houmous.

 photo P1110034_zpsab9fa202.jpg

 photo P1110031_zpsb5b865e6.jpg

 photo P1110032_zps918379ac.jpg

Anyway, this is about today’s picnic. We cooked all of the food, drove down to the canoe club, hauled our Canadian canoe out and set off on the mile long paddle to the next lock along. The weather was gorgeous and we chatted briefly to a few of the narrowboat owners who were sat along the tow path enjoying the evening sun.

 photo P1110038_zpsbd79ff65.jpg

We reached our little spot in no time, but it was a little more overgrown than last time! We waded through the long grass, not thinking about what might be lurking in it and made it to the wall that would become our temporary picnic table and seating.

 photo P1110040_zpsfb65c434.jpg

 photo P1110041_zpsb988d1f4.jpg

We lay out the contents of our cool bag and dug into our summery feast. We had: grilled courgettes and asparagus, roasted beetroot and carrot slices (they tasted just like the vegetable crisps but it’s so much cheaper and healthier to do it this way!), boiled potatoes with philadelphia, garlic and herb soft cheese and chives, pita bread and houmous. It all tasted really good and was still really healthy too – how often does that actually happen?!

 photo P1110043_zpsf6fab64f.jpg

For pudding, we had strawberries, grapes and watermelon, delicately eaten with cocktail sticks that my mum had packed.

 photo P1110044_zps07689878.jpg

Once we’d eaten, we packed up, launched the boat and paddled back, chatting to all the people on the way back again. It was such a nice evening and when we got home we sat outside with Pimms and a box of chocolates on our new seating again.

 photo P1110047_zpsd6b0ab96.jpg

It’s so nice to have some proper summer weather, and I’m very grateful that it’s nice this weekend while I’m not at my placement! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the weather as much as we have, and here’s to the next weekend when it’s meant to be just as nice!


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