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Dear Tiny Tin Bird

Dear Tiny Tin Bird,

I had such fun with you while we were in Stratford for Rachel’s birthday. You make a very good shopping companion! I’m amazed at how well you cope with being the centre of attention of so many people. You see, you’re just SO cute that everyone instantly looks at you, smiles, waves, coos, chatters and laughs with you. And you take it all in your stride. When we were at Waterstones, the lady at the till was chatting away to you and tried to get you to smile as we left. You looked a bit confused by the whole situation, but just as we turned to go, you gave her the biggest beam of a smile ever. I think it made her day!

It’s incredible how much you’ve changed and developed over the last few months. Not only have you learnt to pull yourself up, crawl and laugh, you’ve turned a lot more into the little boy you’re about to become. You’ve got a thick head of blonde hair and your favourite thing to do is crawl over to the rabbit cage, pull yourself up and watch Bunny hopping about. Another of your favourite things is bashing. Bunny does not enjoy the bashing so much, so we try to dissuade you from doing that, although you’re only showing your happiness. What I couldn’t believe was when you stopped bashing, got on your knees and crawled over to the big sack of rabbit food nearby. You pulled yourself up using the sack and then gently began stroking the picture of the rabbit on the front. I think it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

One of my favourite moments from the day was when we were at home and I was holding you on the sofa. Auntie Rachel kept throwing your postman figurine onto the sofa so it would hit the edge and then slowly fall off. It totally distracted you form the silver clasp on my watch and you were mesmerised by it. It took a few times for it to make you smile, and after a few more, you just let out this huge chuckle that just about melted my heart. I realised that I’d never heard you laugh before and it must be one of my favourite sounds in the world, filled with such happiness at the simplest of things. The best bit was, Auntie Rachey filmed the whole thing, so not only have we got your laugh on film, we’ve got my reaction to it as I heard it for the first time.

I’m also very pleased that you enjoy books so much. You’re able to pull a book on to one of our laps while we’re holding you and sit looking at all the pictures as we read it aloud. Sometimes you even reach out to help turn the pages, which is just amazing (if a little risky for the book!). When we got the big box of our old children’s books out, you crawled over, pulled yourself up with the box and just spent ages looking at all the different books there. You weren’t interested in anything other than looking at them all stacked in there, for a good 15 minutes!

I’m so proud of how much you’re growing up, but it’s also scary how quickly it’s all happening! One time I see you’re happy sitting still and knocking over big towers that we’ve made you and the next time you’re zipping about all over the place, hugging the vacuum cleaner like it’s your best friend and flirting with all the ladies in the shops! I mean, I’m glad that you’re developing like you should be and you’re soaking up any information and new skills that you can, but I miss seeing you do it all! It makes me want to study you every time I see you because I know that you’ll only be that way, be interested in the things that you’re doing, look like you do, for such a short amount of time. You seem to change by the day!

What I’m saying is, feel free to keep gaining new skills and amazing us with7 all the new things you can do each time we see you, but if you could please wait at least a little while before you like, graduate or something, that would be great.

Lots of love and jelly tots,

Auntie Alice xxx



  1. Liz

    Oh Alice, this is a fantastic post, I’ve loved reading it, Tiny Tin Bird is so lucky to have you and your family. x

  2. He loves you so much! We had the best time. I’m so glad you love him too xxxxx

  3. Such lovely words and so well written

    • Liz J

      Bet you can’t wait for Tiny Tin Bird to be old enough for you to share your love of canoeing with him!You’ll have to start by teaching him to swim.Have you been to the pool with him yet?Bet you’d both love that.

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