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Hello again!

Wow, does it feel like a long time ago that I was writing my last post before my first exam.

A. VERY. Long. Time.

And it’s finally over. I had my last two exams today and have officially finished my second year of university. I can’t tell you just how good it feels to not have to revise. I can take my time in the shower, without feeling guilty. I can go to bed at a decent hour, without feeling guilty. I can spend time to cook food, without feeling guilty. And not feeling guilty is a very good way to be feeling.

A lot of people have struggled with these exams. Not necessarily with the work, but with the work load. We had ten exams in nine days. And not only that, but they stacked them together into blocks of three exams, so depending on what modules you chose to study you would sit one, two or three exams (one hour each) in a continuous block. Not even a five minute break between, they just give you all the papers at the beginning and you can choose how you spend your time on each of them. My friends and I were commenting on the fact that we don’t know anyone else at any other university with so many exams, all in one go, and finishing so late into the year. As well as this, each exam had an essay in it, so you had to revise the whole topic absolutely thoroughly in order to prepare properly. Or just cross your fingers.

The hardest part was deciding what exams to concentrate on. Over today and yesterday, I had four exams. And they just so happened to be my hardest four. With only the weekend to revise all of them. I’d revised them before my exams started, but these were a whole week later than my first exam and I’d had to cram another six modules into my head since then. This led to some extremely frantic revision. And by frantic, I mean that I went to bed at 11:30 last night and set my alarm for 3:15am so I could at least try and understand some aspects of the modules. Then I felt strangely hungover through my exams due to lack of sleep, but I know I would have been absolutely screwed if I hadn’t done that.

There are two low point of revision that stand out to me. One was getting ready to go in for an exam in the morning and looking at the clock to see how long I had before I had to catch the bus. The clock read just before half past, but for the life of me I could NOT remember which way round the clock hands moved. I just couldn’t work out if I had ten minutes to wait or twenty! The second low point was today just before my exams. When you sit down, you have to fill in a little attendance slip with your name, ID number, and the names of the exams. I managed to fill in my name and number, but I honestly couldn’t think what the names of the exams I was taking were. I was pretty sure that that was what the whole exam would be like, but thankfully I was very lucky with the questions that came up (that seemed to happen a lot actually – if I hadn’t had time to revise something, it tended not to come up. Not sure how I managed that one!).

It was visible just what an effect these exams had had on people. Most conversations would begin with, ‘so did you get any more than five hours sleep last night?’. Most people arrived with bags under their eyes, biro smeared up and down their arms, boys unshaven, girls with no make up. It just absolutely drained everyone. My friends and I had planned to go to the pub on campus straight from exams for a celebratory drink. Whilst we were eating lunch there though, everyone was completely brain dead. We could barely keep our eyes open, let alone enjoy each other’s company. So we cut today short, went home for some well deserved rest and recuperation and planned to spend the day at the pub tomorrow. And probably stay there for the next week.

My house mates are planning on going out tonight to celebrate The End, and I really do want to go. I’m just so exhausted though, that I don’t think I’ll be able to last very long. I’m wondering whether to miss the huge end of exams celebrations and just catch up on sleep, or whether I’ll regret missing out. But even as I’m typing this, my eyes are drooping! Hmm… We shall see!


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