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Why I’m Cleaning the House Before my Exam

In  less than four hours, I have my first exam. My first of ten exams in nine days. And what have I spent the morning doing? Cleaning. That’s right, housework. I’ve worked my socks off to prepare myself for these exams, and I actually feel ok about the one later today (which is why I’m sat writing a blog post less than four hours before). However, I’ve been struggling with the dilemma, yesterday and today, of what revision to do. You see, I just can’t do any more revision for the exam today. It’s got to that point where if I have to go through the same things for the fiftieth time, I must just cry. On the other hand, I really don’t feel as confident about some of my other exams later on in the nine-days-from-hell and want to do as much revision for them as I can. But I also felt that if I tried to revise another module, everything I’d crammed in for this exam would just POP right out of my head. Which wouldn’t be good.

So I did spend yesterday just going over a few things for this exam, and this morning I feel like I have lots of revision to do for other exams, but that I can’t do it until after this one’s over. Which is why I’ve been cleaning the house. With four people who all have pretty much the same exam timetable, everyone’s working to the same deadline and no-one can be bothered to tidy. Our house looks like a recycling centre for energy drinks at the moment! Or it did an hour ago, before I did all the washing up, swept the flour, wiped the surfaces and emptied the bins. I feel much better for it! It always gets to me a little bit when the kitchen’s not clean, I’m not sure why. Anyway, I’ve burnt off a bit of nervous energy and the house looks much better for it.

I’m kind of trying a new technique with these exams. It’s called the ‘I’m not going to stress’ technique. No matter how close to an exam it gets and no matter how much revision I still have left to do, I’m just not going to stress. I’m going to think, ‘Yes, you have only got one day to revise three modules, but get over it’. And then I’ll concentrate on what I’m revising at that moment. Otherwise I start switching from module to module, doing snippets from all over the place and nothing ever goes in. We’ll see how this technique works out at the end of June when I get my results (ARGHHHH!!).

Anyway, I might read through some past papers one more time and then see if there are any windows that need washing. I’m telling you, the threat of revision really makes housework seem not so bad. You should try it!



  1. Sue

    I hope it all goes well. Not stressing sounds like a good idea. I always stressed about exams.

  2. Cate

    Good luck. I hope you remember at least most of the stuff you’ve learnt, if not everything.

  3. Ahhh I usually end up doing some housework before my exams too… but more because I’m avoiding revision and not because I have nothing to do 😛

  4. One-oh-four

    LOL I clean when I am building up to a big or important event too! It usually works out OK, as if I can tell when I’ve done enough. And it is lovely to come home to a nice clean kitchen. Hope the exams are going OK 😀

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