Just the thoughts of a girl.

Avoiding Scurvy

I have some big news for you.

Today,  something very exciting happened.


Now, I know for most people, this won’t be a big deal. To me, however, when I’ve been cooped up since Friday, only leaving twice to go to the corner shop and buy emergency chocolate supplies, it was huge. I met my mum and my gran in town for coffee and cake (how could we do anything else…?!) at 10:15 and managed to squeeze in a lecture worth of revision in before, by waking up at 8am. We went to Nero’s and consumed tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a cookie/biscuit/chocolate fudge cake (three guesses which of those were mine!) and chatted away about things that we always seem to forget to mention during phone calls.

I looked at all the photos my mum had taken when she recently went to see Heather and I was amazed at just how big Tiny Tin Bird has gotten! I mean, I see photos of him on Facebook but it isn’t till you see him in comparison with someone else that you realise JUST HOW FAST BABIES GROW!!! It makes me want to run right over there and scoop him up in a big cuddle and then just watch him so I don’t miss him changing one bit. I also saw photos of my mum’s new magnolia tree/bush/shrub (?) that looks absolutely beautiful in the garden (it’s definitely one of my favourite plants now!).

We speedily discussed lots of different things and all too soon it was time to be delivered back to my house again. Couldn’t possibly let socialising get in the way of revision now, could I? Thankfully, my mum brought me a huge bag of essential supplies. She’d asked me if there was any food or anything that I wanted and all I could think of was fruit pleeeeeeeease! In preparation for the revision session of hell, I’d stocked up on food that would keep a long time so I wouldn’t have to go shopping too much, but now I’ve eaten all of my fruit all I’m left with is pizza and pies and pasties. It got to the point where I was craving vegetables! I did think to buy a bag of frozen, prepared veggies so I could just pop them in the microwave (I know, I hate that I do it too, but it’s just to get me through revision without having to spend ages cooking) and so I ended up having a HUGE portion of vegetables just to feel a little better about my diet.

So now I’m fully stocked with bananas, apples, plums, tangerines, orange juice and of course the necessary biscuits and home made goodies that are required for the revision period. I’m so glad that I actually have food to snack on now, and that most of it’s healthy! I really like fruit, but it never lasts very long and I’m too lazy to go and buy more at the moment. But that’s what mums are for, isn’t it? To make sure you’re still alive and to provide you with healthy snacks and baked goods. Thank God for mums!


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