Just the thoughts of a girl.


So, as predicted, my life at the moment consists of:

8am – Wake up.

8:05 – Convince myself to get out of bed. Go to the loo, get dressed.

8:15 – Eat breakfast whilst scrolling through Facebook, emails, blogs etc.

8:30 – Tell myself that I really should be getting started with work right about now.

9:00 – Give myself the choice of two lectures to go through. Tell myself to get the hard one out of the way first. Pick the easy one.

10:00 – Allow myself a 5 minute break as I’ve been working for an hour but haven’t yet finished going through the lecture (I know, my breaks should be longer than that, but if I’m on a role with working I don’t want to stop my motivation!)

10:05 – Continue reading the lecture, making notes, drawing pretty little diagrams etc.

10:30 – Finish the first lecture. Have a break by scrolling through Facebook (this works quite well as a break timer – if I haven’t been working for very long, there are fewer posts to read and so my break is shorter. If I’ve been working for a long time, there’s more to read and I get a longer break!).

10:50 – Start on the next lecture. Curse myself for picking the easy lecture first.

11:30 – Have a break.

11:40 – Continue revising.

12:00 – Ignore my rumbling stomach.

12:15 – Tell myself that when I get halfway through the lecture I can have lunch.

12:30 – Give up and have lunch anyway. Cheese on toast is my go to lunch at the moment, because it’s easy and only requires having bread, butter and cheese! I take it upstairs and eat it whilst watching half an episode of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals on YouTube, which are the perfect length for a short break. I also have a chocolate bar, and if I have any biscuits, I usually have a few of them too. I think chocolate and biscuits are the essential food for revision! Unfortunately, I ran out of biscuits yesterday (surprise, surprise…) so I had to make do with the last bruised apple that I’ve been putting off eating because it looked so manky!

1:15 – Carry on with the lecture.

2:00 – Finish the lecture and have another break.

2:15 – Pick the next lecture. Worry about how fast the day is going. Eat some biscuits to cheer myself up.

3:00 – Have a break.

4:00 – Finish the lecture. Feel completely demotivated to keep working. Try to do something to take your mind somewhere far away from revision. Write a blog post about revision.

4:30 – Select the next dreaded lecture.

5:00 – Decide that due to the slow progress, today will be a 4-lecture day instead of a 5-lecture day.

6:30 – Chat to housemate who just got home from the library. Discuss how revision’s going and ask how hungry the other is to decide on a time for tea.

6:45 – Carry on revising with the fact that a longer break is coming up with FOOD motivating you to work a little harder.

7:30 – Have tea. At the moment, this usually means boiling the kettle to make pasta or taking something out of the oven that you remembered to put in an appropriate amount of time ago.

7:45 – Vow to buy some healthier snacks/food for tea as you realise that you literally don’t move from the desk chair all day and have been snacking on biscuits and eating freezer food.

8:30 – Try and finish the last lecture of the day.

9:00 – Finish lecture and start on a past exam paper. These are much easier to be motivated to do, for some reason. Maybe its the fact that you’re actually doing some thinking rather than just trying to remember a whole list of facts.

10:30 – Give up with past paper. Go and talk to housemate to see when they plan on going to bed and what their plan is for tomorrow. Do some insignificant things on the internet. Get ready for bed.

11:00 – Sleep. Repeat.

Of course, my days do vary slightly. I seem to have alternating productive and unproductive days. And I also have to be inventive with how I spend my breaks in order to get normal day to day things done. I might have a shower in the middle of the day, or do the washing up, or do my laundry. We had a house inspection today as it’s getting towards the end of term, so yesterday and Sunday my breaks consisted of scrubbing the bathroom, sweeping and mopping floors and wiping surfaces. It’s actually amazing how easily the housework gets done when there’s revision to do! I was definitely more motivated to work after that though as it completely gave my mind a break from all the work.

I’m meeting my mum and grandma for coffee on Thursday, which will be SO good! Having been cooped up inside for 4 or 5 days, with the only valid reason to leave being to go and buy toilet roll (and more biscuits…), it feels so nice to have something to look forward to. And I’ll be venturing out into the wilderness, leaving the confines of my desk behind. I am SO looking forward to it!







  1. One-oh-four

    Yuck, that sounds quite miserable πŸ˜•. But it will be worth it when you do well in your exams πŸ˜€

  2. Ahh come on, you know you love revision really! xxx

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