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Time Flies

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted! I feel terrible about it, but time just seems to be flying past way too quickly at the moment. I’ve been back at uni for four weeks! It feels like I’ve been back for one! I had my last lecture of second year today, which feels extremely odd and reminded me that my exams are a measly three weeks away. THREE WEEKS!!! In one way that feels like a long time to be sat revising all day every day without doing anything else, but then I think of how much work I have to get through and it suddenly feels like three weeks is not enough time to get anything done. Ho hum.

I also had to say goodbye to a few of my friends who are going home for these three weeks to revise. Two of my close friends are going along with two of my housemates. And the one remaining housemate is also considering going home for a few days which will means I’ll be all on my lonesome. That’s never any fun! There’s just no chance of me going home to revise though, I get too distracted by very important things like watching episodes of Friends, baking and fighting the urge to go canoeing. When I’m in revision mode at uni, I can get up at eight, start working at nine and not stop till ten or eleven in the evening (other than for lunch and short breaks). I actually manage to get quite a lot done, but if I’m at home and there are people around me who aren’t revising for all the hours in the day, it’s too hard not to stop and talk to them or watch telly with them or do whatever they’re doing.

Of course, this does mean I’m in for three weeks of absolute hell where all I do is read lectures, write notes and do past papers and my breaks have to include doing things like showering, laundry and washing up, but I was prepared for this. I remembered what it was like in first year and got my head around the fact that there’s just no avoiding it. The only difference this year is that we’ve still been having lab reports and lectures this term. It’s been slightly stressful trying to keep on top of revision and write a lab report whilst waking up to come in for lectures every day. I handed my lab report in today though, so that’s done and as I said, I’ve finished my lectures so I can fully concentrate on doing some super hardcore revision now. I’ve done 60 lectures so far and have about 90 left to go. That’s a lot of learning!

But as far as I see it, there’s no point getting stressed over it if you can help it. It’s not going to help information stick because I’ll just end up flying through the lectures without really understanding or remembering anything. So I’ll put on some nice relaxing, acoustic music, and make the most of the situation. I’ll appreciate my lovely rainbow pack of fancy pens that Heather bought me for Christmas/birthday especially for revision, remember that I’ve had lots of nice evenings in the last few weeks with my friends and remind myself that I’m doing all of this for my own benefit.

Oh, the joys of exams.


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