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As exams loom closer and closer, I’m getting more and more aware of the fact that I’ll have less time to do fun things in the build up to them. This is why I decided to make the most of not having to feel too guilty about having fun and went out last night. I have to say, it’s the first time I’ve walked back from a club with a chorus of bird song! I got in at about 4:30 in the morning (shocking, I know) and then set my alarm for 8am. You see, it was my university town’s canoe race today and a few people from my club were paddling so I thought I’d go and cheer them on. I had the option of whether to race or not but decided that since I could barely hear anything apart from the ringing in my ears, and due to the fact that I’d only had 3 and a half hours sleep, I might give it a miss. I took my bag with all my canoe kit in it so I could give it to my mum (who also came to watch) to take home. Only, when I got there everyone started trying to convince me to race. I’m not sure whether they thought it was a good thing for me to do or whether they were just after a laugh, but when I found out that my entry fee had already been paid, I thought I may as well give it a go and made a snap decision to race. I thought of it more like a normal paddle just surrounded with a lot of people racing.

So, fuelled with a banana which was the only thing I could manage to eat, I set off on an eight mile race with my only wish being that I wouldn’t throw up. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was right at the back, but to be honest I’m not surprised in the slightest! I was with another girl for most of the way round and every so often we’d just have a little chat which I’ve never done in a race before! The sun was shining, and I was paddling along a very pretty river – that counts as a decent Sunday morning in my books! And I finished the race, I wasn’t last, I didn’t fall in AND I DIDN’T THROW UP!!! I think I accomplished quite a lot, to be honest!


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  1. Melanie

    All boxes were ticked! Btw you actually were leaning very far forward, looking at the photos I took, which prob explains your achy back!

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