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Birthdays, Friends and Sun

What’s this? Two blog posts so close together? This hasn’t happened in a long time, I know! It must be because I’m back at university now after my five week Easter holiday and I’m meant to be doing revision. So naturally, I’ve been spending as much time as possible coming up with excuses not to do any and I’ve realised that writing blog posts is very much not revision and so that is what I’m doing. The other reason is because I feel I haven’t really been writing properly on my blog for a while, but filling in with lots of photos and projects and things; which is fine, but I felt I should actually write something this time and catch up with everything I’ve been doing. And I have been very busy!

It was my friend’s 21st birthday yesterday and my other friend and I went a little crazy with birthday ideas. We made him a very special cake that took freaking ages! I plan to blog about it very soon, but I’ve been having a few issues with the photos on my blog. I realised when I flicked through a few blog posts yesterday that I’ve managed to delete rather a lot of the photos. I’m really annoyed, but I just don’t know what I can do about it. I think it’s because there’s only a certain amount of storage space and in order to add more photos, I had to delete some from the storage file. I didn’t realise that they would be deleted from my actual blog though, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it! The most annoying thing is that I really want to show you the cake we made, but I’ll have to delete some more photos to do it. Thankfully, I have saved all the photos I’ve used but it will be a huge effort to go through and replace all the missing ones. That’s also how I’m justifying having no photos in this post – I need to save the space for the cake photos!

As well as making the cake, we bought him a LOTALOT of nutella. 2.8kg to be precise. Instead of just giving it to him though, we decided to wrap up an envelope with 21 layers of wrapping paper, each one with a different birthday related meme on it. In the envelope, there was then a note that said, “Your presents are under the table!”. And instead of just wrapping up the nutella, we put them all into different sized boxes and wrapped them up so it looked like he had a huge number of very impressive (and weighty!) presents. He then had to get through 21 layers of wrapping paper before finding the stash of presents under the table. Fortunately, he loves nutella so I don’t think he was too disappointed to find that it wasn’t in fact a digital camera, headphones, a blackberry etc.

It was such a nice day yesterday that I spent most of it moving from beer garden to pub, to restaurant, sitting in the sun and sipping on cider. We did have labs, but they finished really early so we had much more of the day to enjoy than we thought we would. I’m glad we made the most of it as I’m not sure when we’ll next see the sun! I can’t wait for a period of warm weather when I can wear summery clothes and sit outside in the sun (even if it is just to revise) instead of being stuck inside because it’s too cold. It is starting to get a bit warmer, but I don’t think Mr Weatherman realises just how impatient I am!

I am enjoying being back at uni. I mean, I miss seeing my family every day and I miss canoeing and not doing having any work, but it’s so nice to be with all my friends again and be able to do lots of nice things with them. I’ve also remembered how much I like living in this town as well. It’s so easy to just pop in anywhere and do something, rather than just living in a village so you have to drive to get anywhere. It’s also nice because although there are all the shops and towny-ness of it, you’re never far from fields and parks and things, instead of just being surrounded by buildings all the time which I thought living in a town would be like.

Right, I feel better for having caught up a bit with my blogging and REALLY should get on with some dreaded revision now. I hope you’ve all been making the most of the nice weather if you’ve had any, and I should hopefully be sharing the birthday cake with you very soon!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. hmwarley

    Hiya, I too am blogging instead of revising. I write posts on uni lifestyle, if you’re interested come take a look hmwarley.wordpress.com

  2. One-oh-four

    OMG! 2.8 kg of Nutella! I hope when all his teeth fall out he thinks fondly of his kind friends!!!!!!

    Know how you feel about revision. I have had coursework coming out of my ears for the last two weeks and it is soooo hard to knuckle down and get on with it. I drove through the Uni yesterday on my way to a meeting at Westwood – there seemed to be a lot of students bustling around looking stressed, with rucksacks full of textbooks and papers. Guess exams are looming for everyone……


  1. Stratford | justathought

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