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Yarn Bag Ta Dah!

I realised I said a little while ago that I should have a Ta Dah post coming up soon and then actually forgot to do it! This whole project has been a bit delayed really, as it was actually meant as a Christmas present for Heather but I only got around to making it at the beginning of my Easter holiday a few weeks ago. I made her a little bag to put her yarn in for when she’s out and about. I know she’d been using a big sandwich bag to hold it in before so went on a mission to find some material that she might like. To be fair, I did buy the material before Christmas but then never got a chance to make it as we had out Fake Christmas a few weeks before actual Christmas and that was the only time I saw Heather.

So, I started by drawing a rectangle of about A4 size on each of my pieces of material, and cutting round them leaving a centimetre gap.



I then pinned all of the material together in the following order – spotty lining 1 (facing up), spotty lining 2 (facing up), red backing (facing up), flowery front (facing down). By doing it in this order, it means that the seams won’t be seen on the outside or inside the bag.


I sewed along three sides of the bag and then turned it inside out by folding the flowery material and the red material away from each other.


IMG_0468 IMG_0469



Next, I pinned on the zip. I’ve never made anything with a zip before and it was quite hard to get it pinned in the right place, but I managed it eventually. I sewed it on along one side and then folded the bag inside out again so I could pin and sew the other side of the zip.











Once the zip was sewn on and the material was turned the right way out again, it actually looked like a bag! There were some quite big gaps at the ends of the zip though, so I did a bit of hand sewing just to tidy it all up a bit.





Unfortunately I seem to have lost the photos that I took when it was finished, but the one below shows it very almost finished.




I asked Heather to send me a photo of the finished bag, and she sent me several at varying angles on a pretty blue cotton background. However, for some reason my little blog isn’t letting my upload any more photos and due to my lack of technical skills, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!! It’s incredibly frustrating, but I figured that you can pretty much see the finished bag and I haven’t posted in so long that I should just get this post out there for you to read!

I was really pleased with the end result and it didn’t actually take very long at all in the end. I did start to make another one with a little pocket and everything, but I spent ages on the pocket and then sewed it onto the wrong piece of material and ran out of time to unstitch it all and sew it on again before Heather arrived. When I gave it to her, she was very appreciative but TTB was absolutely FASCINATED with it. It must be the bright colours, but he loved looking at it and stroking it and chewing on it. I was pleased it was being so loved! I’m hoping the fact that TTB showed so much approval might make up for the fact it was such a late Christmas present!




  1. One-oh-four

    That’s really cute! And so useful too! It’s a long time since I set a zip into anything – I seem to recall it was always accompanied by much cursing and swearing. This is why I mostly make curtains now…

  2. vjstracener

    I need to make one like that for my cross stitching

  3. Cate

    It’s funny that you would blog this now because I made a similar bag last week for the first time. I wanted something small to hold my crochet hooks but couldn’t find anything the right size, so I decided to make it myself. There’s no way I could have made one without help like you did, so I did some googling and found this pattern. http://www.designsponge.com/2010/09/sewing-101-zippered-case.html
    I made mine smaller and with corners so it will stand up. I can see why TTB would like your bag so much, the fabric is so bright and inviting.

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