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I Know, I Know…

I know, I know, I’ve been absolutely rubbish at posting regularly recently, but things have just been getting in the way! Heather and Tiny Tin Bird came to stay for just over a week and went home on Thursday, so lots of that time was taken up by showing him the garden, taking him for a walk (all on my own!), building towers for him to knock over and feeding him lots of different puréed foods. There was also lots of time taken by playing baby flying with him, mopping up the sick from my jeans (these two events may have been linked…), and trying to prise my hair from his grip; along with showing him the guinea pigs, trying to prevent him from bashing the guinea pig cage too much, and trying to untangle his hands from the string that holds the water bottle on to the cage. Oh, I do miss them now they’re gone! It was so nice to spend proper time with both of them and watch TTB getting to know us all.

Since they’ve been gone, my days seem to have been full to the brim. Take Friday for example – I woke up at 7am to go to the canoe club and train at 8am. I got back at about 9:15, had a shower and dried my hair before heading over to my friend’s house to do some uni work and skype our other friend. I left at about 6pm and got home at 6:30, when I had about three quarters of an hour to have a snack and get ready before picking my friend up and driving over to Oxford to meet our other friends for a night out. We had pizza and drank (orange juice for me, as I was driving) before going to a bar to drink more and catch up for the last time before we all go back to uni. I drove everyone back home before getting to my own house at about 2 in the morning where I fell appreciatively into my bed. I then got up at 9am the next day to go training again! Needless to say, most of Saturday afternoon was spent napping and nursing all my horrendous blisters that I’ve got from canoeing. This is what happens when I don’t train at all when I’m at uni and my hands get all soft so when I overload on training in the holidays they don’t like it when they’re rubbed by the paddle nearly every day!


This afternoon, Rachel and I decided to go for a walk around the reservoir that’s a few villages away from us. I drove us, which sounds easy enough until you realise that you need to fill up the screenwash, but the bottle’s too full so you know it’s just going to go everywhere. So you dig out a peanut butter jar from the recycling and use that to transfer the liquid, and it still goes everywhere. And then the lid from the bottle that you placed on the car battery gets blown off by a gust of wind so it falls deeper into the car, so you have to find a stick and spend ages trying to flick it onto the floor and then you have to roll the car backwards so you can retrieve the lid and place it firmly back on the bottle. Trying to do anything to my car is always eventful, but eventually we were set to go!


It was an incredibly blustery day today, but surprisingly warm too. We’ve walked this walk a million times throughout our childhood, but I hadn’t been here for years so it was nice to see it all again.



We got about half way round and got to the bit where you have to walk through a sheep field. Most of the sheep were friendly, but very wary and generally watched us for a second before skittering off on their way. We naturally spent a few minutes baaing at them all and to our surprise, one of them replied before making his way over to us. As in, RIGHT over to us. We were a bit worried that he would try to butt us, but he was very nice and seemed to just be enquiring about any snacks we might have in out pockets. After explaining that my camera was not a suitable snack for a sheep, he made his way over to Rachel who tried to send him away by pointing (which for some reason had no effect). We eventually managed to creep off and leave the sheep looking sorry for himself, but after a minute or so I turned around and he was following us! As soon as he saw me looking he pretended to eat some grass, but I knew as soon as I looked away he would start trotting over to us again so we hastily walked to the gate and shut it firmly behind us.


We finished our walk by passing the old tree that’s been there, dead but still standing, for as long as I can remember and by weaving in and out of fishermen’s gear. It felt lovely to be buffeted by the wind but not to be freezing cold – very refreshing, and we both appreciated it.


It was also nice to have some one on one time with Rachel as even though I’ve been home for a month now, we haven’t really had any proper time together. It did make me realise that I desperately need some new wellies though, as I got back to the car and had to change into a dry pair of socks that I happened to have as my feet had been having their own personal mud bath. I’ll have to add that to my list of things to buy, I think!


I hope you’ve all been having equally good weekends!


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