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Four in One

I’ve had so many things to blog about recently, but just haven’t got around to blogging about ANY of them. So this post is a huge one to fit in four of the things that I’ve wanted to share with you over the last few days. The first topic I’d like to discuss is the snow. WHAT is going on with that?! I was all ready for shorts and sunglasses this holiday – we had a few nice sunny days before I broke up, and then BAM the whole snow thing happened and all the things I wanted to do couldn’t happen because we could barely get out of the house. The cars weren’t going anywhere and as my grandma’s phone decided to stop working (and because we needed to get out of the house!), we thought we’d walk the 2 miles to go and see her. She was very surprised but thrilled to see us. There were some amazing photo opportunities on the walk too, and I remembered my camera – I just forgot the memory card, so I couldn’t photograph anything at all. Oops! Thankfully my mum walked over the next day too and took her camera with her so she managed to get some photos of the walk. We passed some lambs in the field that looked absolutely frozen! Most of them were huddled up in little groups in an attempt to keep warm. They were very cute, nonetheless.



There were also some incredible snow drifts. I’ve never seen snowdrifts for real before, but all along the roads there were huge ones that have been blown into all kinds of shapes. Some were about 4 or 5 feet high! The ones on the walk were overhanging a ditch – we actually missed these on the walk I went on, but I thought I’d show you them anyway:


And look at these icicles on the roof – as inconvenient as snow can be, it also makes everything very pretty and you can marvel at things that normally you would just walk past without a glance.



It was quite frustrating being snowed in over the first weekend of the holiday, it made us all feel very trapped. I do love the snow, but really only once or twice over the winter. NOT when it’s meant to be spring, and NOT when we’ve had a whole lot of snow already, and NOT when I want to be out doing lots of things. Did you hear that Mr Weather?

My mum was meant to be staying with Heather for a few days, but the plans had to be rearranged because of all the snow. It worked out in my favour though because both my mum and I ended up going to visit Heather and Tiny Tin Bird just for the day, like we did this time. It did mean waking up at twenty to six and travelling for seven and a half hours in the day to see them for four hours, but it was SO worth it. We arrived at about 9:30am and quickly nipped around a few shops to buy lunch and a few treats from this dainty little chocolatier. Their window display was lovely and inside there was such a choice of chocolates! I ended up choosing some milk and white chocolate flake truffles. They are delicious!





We also passed another chocolatier, which had a GIGANTIC Easter egg in the window. I have never seen one so big! I’m not sure if it’s for sale, or if you have to guess the weight of it or something, but it was just incredible!



We took our bag of goodies up to Heather’s house and had a chat and a hot drink while TTB had his nap. We heard him stirring over the baby monitor and me and my mum went up to get him. He was a bit confused at first, but then he recognised us and gave us both a beaming smile – I love that he knows who we are! We spent the day playing with him. He was very keen to show us just how good at rolling he is now, he wouldn’t stop! He sat and gummed some asparagus in his high chair while we ate our lunch and then we went back into his room for story time. He just loves being read to and I’m so pleased, because I know how much all of us love to read so it’s nice to know he’s already enjoying it. He likes to try and stroke the pages quite a lot too!

It’s amazing how much he’s changed since his last visit. He seems like a proper little boy now. He’s not a baby any more! He didn’t cry once in the four hours we were there, which is such a change, and he has SUCH a character! He’s so funny, he really is. He’ll do anything to make you laugh and then just sit and giggle at you like you’re the funniest thing in the world. He’s brilliant at building up your confidence! It was so nice to see them both, even if it was just for a few hours.



Now I have two more random things to share with you. One is the two new pairs of shoes I recently got. I LOVE them! They’re so pretty! Now I have three pairs of pretty shoes in total. Quite enough now, I think!




And finally, do you remember when I mentioned that I’d planted my irises in their little ceramic pot? Here’s the original post. Well they only went and flowered! Like, properly with big purple flowery flowers and everything. I DIDN’T KILL THEM!!! It all happened so quickly too, I brought them inside once the shoots were about 4cm tall, then about a week later I noticed they were starting to bud. I came back that evening and they were in full bloom! I was so impressed with my non-killing skills. Obviously the ‘not caring’ approach really does work.







I was sure I took some photos of when they were properly in full bloom, but I can’t find them so these will have to do. They were very pretty though. They survived the trip home and are now on the kitchen window sill looking a bit worse for wear. They were good while they lasted though!

And that’s about everything that I’ve been meaning to blog about for a while. Four different posts all in one mammoth entry. I do have a special secret ta dah post that I should be doing next week sometime though, so you can look forward to that. I haven’t done a ta dah post in a very long time!



  1. oh oh oh !!! I *heart* the spotty shoes 🙂 Did you get those online? **wonder if amazon has some**

    • They were both from New Look 🙂

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