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The Best Cake In The World

Hello again,

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts recently, I just honestly don’t know where the time’s been going. Actually, it may have something to do with the fact that my body seems to think it’s perfectly acceptable to sleep for at least 11 hours EVERY night when I’m at home. Seriously, every night I go to bed at about 10pm (things run on a totally different time scale here, everyone’s getting ready for bed at 9.30, so I feel I should too!) and then I wake up at 10:30am on the dot. Last night I stayed up a little later and went to bed at 11:30pm AND I JUST WOKE UP AT ELEVEN AM!! I’m enjoying the fact that I am able to do this, that I don’t have to force myself to wake up, but it’s getting a little bit ridiculous now. I wake up and half the day’s gone! This means I’ve been having time to do things to blog about, but not the time to actually write them up. I refuse to set an alarm when I don’t actually have a reason to get up, it just goes against my morals, so I’ll keep sleeping the days away until my body is completely recharged and would like to start waking up at a decent hour. About 9am would be perfect, please.

The other thing that’s happened since I got home, which has happened before when I’ve come home for a weekend or something, is that I have been eating SO much! I don’t think there’s been a time in the day when my mum hasn’t glanced over to see me with a biscuit in my hand! I think it’s because there’s just so much variety here that I want to have some of everything. This is compared to at uni where I might have the choice of dry toast because we ran out of butter or a soft apple. I’m giving myself this week to get over the fact that there’s lots of yummy, free food here and after that I’ll be eating like a normal person again.

I’m aware that over this (5 week!!!) Easter holiday that I need to keep on top of my work. I’ll have exams a while after I get back for the final term of the year and I know that I just need to do a little bit every day to keep my mind involved with all of the different topics. I made the mistake last year of just not revising much at all in the holiday and it meant I was super duper stressed in that last term, doing crazy hours of revision every day. I know I’ll be super duper stressed again this year, because how can you not be?! But hopefully I’ll get a huge chunk of the work done over the holiday so when I come to revise when I go back, it will actually be revision rather than learning it all at the same time as revising. That’s the plan anyway. Just do at least one lecture every day. That’s still only a quarter of what I need to do to get all of my lectures done 2 weeks before my exams,  but I figure I’ll step up my game as I get closer and I’m not going to spend all my time working over the holiday. I’m just not! So one lecture a day will do. I’ve got a tick list and everything to make sure I do it!

Anyway, the original reason for this post was to show you all the world’s most amazing cake. This cake was the inspiration for the one I made a little while ago, topped with ganache. This one:


There’s a tiny little cake shop where I live when I’m at uni that specialises in selling big fancy cakes for birthdays and weddings and things. As a smaller part to their business, they sell slices of their cakes and have a tiny seating area with just four chairs where you can eat in and have a drink at the same time. I wanted to take my mum there for Mother’s day, but they were closed so I insisted that we went there when we went back to pick up all of my things to bring home. Because I went straight to the canoe race from uni before I came home, I couldn’t bring my things with me, so we went back on Tuesday to pick everything up. Once we had packed everything and done a bit of a spring clean, we headed over to the cake shop to indulge ourselves.





As well as a selection of the most gorgeous cakes, they also do cheesecakes, brownies, florentines and other yummy snacks. I was bought a chocolate orange cake for my birthday from here and before I tasted it, I would never have chosen it to eat. But then I had some and it was absolute heaven. I’ve been there a few times since with my friends and the time after my birthday, I chose the chocolate cake and it just wasn’t as good as the chocolate orange cake. I wanted my mum to try the chocolate orange cake, and I knew I was going to have a hard time convincing her as she had the same reaction to me before I’d tasted it. It didn’t matter either way in the end, because when we got there they were out of chocolate orange cake. I was slightly disappointed, but used the opportunity to try one of the cheesecakes that always look so good. I had the cookies and cream cheesecake with hot chocolate, and my mum had chocolate cake with coffee.




The cheesecake was delicious, as was the hot chocolate. I’m still more of a cake kind of girl though, and my mum and I both tried each others. It’s not the actual cake that’s so damn good, but the icing! It just can’t be beaten! We’re going to have another go at making a chocolate cake with ganache, but make more ganache so we can put it in the middle and around the sides like the one from here. I’ll let you know when we try it if it’s anywhere near as good as the cakes from this shop!


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