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Mother’s Day

So, I woke up this morning and flicked about on the internet and read Heather’s mother’s day post. Then I realised that nothing I could write in my post could top that – I mean, I don’t have a cute baby to aid my message! Thankfully I was lucky enough to actually see my mum today. She drove up this morning and I treated us both to hot chocolate and croissants in one of our favourite cafes. I bought some tulips as well – I was going to buy some different flowers instead as I bought tulips for her birthday in January too, but the flower stall didn’t have all that much choice and tulips are always a hit.



I’m sure I’ve mentioned the cafe we went to before… Yes, here we are. It’s seriously the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had and as my mum usually has coffee there, this was her first time trying the hot chocolate. She very much appreciated it too! Just look how good it looks:



We sat and chatted whilst we drank and ate. It was lovely to be all cosied up in a cafe – it was snowing slightly outside and the wind was bitterly cold, which made the hot chocolate seem even nicer.


And because it’s an unwritten rule that when we meet up like this, I have to eat cake (and the cake’s not the best from this cafe for some reason) we went in search of somewhere that could fill my cakey needs. I ended up with this cake that’s more icing than anything else. It was nice, but I feel it looked a lot nicer than it actually was.



(Sorry I can’t work out how to flip the image, but you can see the monstrous amount of icing on it!)

We then had a look around a few shops and did a small Tesco shop (where I might have come away with another bargain Easter egg… Oops!) before heading back to the car. It was lovely to see my mum, especially on mother’s day and although it had to be cut short due to stupid lab reports being due in on Thursday, we had a very nice morning.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MUMMMMMM!!! I love you lots and lots, and one day I will be armed with my first born child to write a very emotional appreciation post. But until then, I figure I don’t stand a chance at winning mother’s day so I’ll just buy you flowers and cake and hot chocolate and hope that starts to show you just how much you mean to me.

Love, daughter #3




  1. you make it sound like I am a bit horrible or that I think that I am better than you! 😦

    • Sorry! Definitely not intended! My brain is fried from working and wanted to right a mother’s day post. I thought your post was really really lovely and it made me smile because I agreed with everything you’d said! I couldn’t top it, but wanted to write something. xx

  2. Jane

    You don’t sound horrible at all! Big sisters eh! It isn’t always all about them.

    Your mum will be thrilled with her tulips, they are so lovely. Mums don’t have favs either so she will love your messages too. Your mum is lucky to have all of you and I’m sure she knows that too.

  3. ejt1974

    Heather, it doesn’t make you sound horrible at all. I think both your posts are lovely. Completely different, but both lovely in their own ways ❤

  4. I can’t seem to take my eyes off the hot chocolate! Good post!

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