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I’ve been meaning to write my blog posts more frequently at the moment, as I actually have things to write about (with pictures and everything!) but I’ve been quite busy, both working and playing and so it just hasn’t happened. I’m still going to write up the recipe for the ganache, but I’ll do that in a separate post. For now though, I wanted to share with you my beautiful daffodils that my mum put in my hand just as I was leaving to come back to uni after last weekend. They gained a place on my crowded desk in a pretty green and white polka dot jug that I stole from home.





It’s such a luxury having flowers, and they feel so fresh and bright in my room. They started off quite a soft shade of yellow, but as they’ve opened up they’ve become a much more bright, primary yellow. They smell absolutely gorgeous too!





When the sun catches them, they completely brighten up my whole room! For some reason they remind me of the ones from Alice in Wonderland. I think it’s their little crinkled middles. They make me happy, at least!



Ah, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of having flowers around. I can bring my irises inside soon – how exciting! There are five rather tall shoots sticking out of the soil and they seem to be growing quite well in the little out-house. It will be interesting to see if they keep growing well when I bring them inside or if my presence will stop their progress. I just need to remember not to care about them, not to water them more than once a week and I should be ok.

I also wanted to show you the pepper that I cut open when I was making the stuffed peppers last weekend. I opened it and discovered a little baby pepper inside! I felt so bad!! I could almost hear the screams coming from both mummy and baby pepper! They still tasted good though… I meant to write about it before, but forgot and still wanted to show you the photo, so thought I’d just put it in here instead.





I also wanted to say that Patch and I went to see Les Miserable on the Saturday of last weekend, and it was reeeeeeaaaaaaally good. I hadn’t seen it before at all, so had no idea what it was about and it was quite nice that way. I thought Anne Hathaway would be in it for most of the film, but she was only in it for about 40 mins and she still won all those awards. You can see why though, she showed so much emotion while she was acting and singing! I thought it was amazing that all the songs were recorded while they were acting, rather than recorded in a studio and added in afterwards. It made it so much more realistic as the emotion on their faces completely matched the emotion in the song. There were even points when a few of them were sobbing while they were singing, it was incredible! I was quite disappointed that I didn’t cry though. It was sad, but I was expecting to ball my eyes out after what everyone had said to me about it. Maybe I’m just heartless?!

On another note, I only have two weeks left of term. TWO WEEKS! That’s crazy! I honestly can’t believe how fast the time is going. I have quite a lot of work to do before the end of term – four lab reports all due in next Thursday! That’s a lot of waffling and calculating, I tell you! Hopefully there will still be time to do lots of nice things like having Take Away at my friends’ house, going on nights out and going to Costa for drinks. It’s good because most of my friends are on the same course as me, so we all have the same lab reports and meet to go through all the calculations and things so we can work and play at the same time! Although somehow within about an hour it switches from working out rate of ATP synthesis to watching goats replacing people singing in songs (the best one is the Taylor Swift one – I recommend watching it on YouTube!). And productivity seem to be negatively associated with the number of people – the more people there, the more video suggestions there are and the less interested in work we all become… Oh well, that’s what the few days before the deadline are for, right?


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  1. I’ve cracked many eggs that had double yolks, but never anything like this. That pepper is THE coolest thing I’ve ever seen. 🙂

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