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University Style Apple and Pear Crumble

On Wednesday evening after tea, I just had a craving for a proper homemade dessert. Usually I have a chocolate bar or a piece of fruit or something, just because I NEED something sweet after tea, but on Wednesday, neither of them would do. I was on my own in the house and decided that I would try a little experiment. I had apples and I needed to eat the pears that were ripening beside my laptop fan, so I thought I’d attempt to make a crumble.

Stage One – Peel and chop your cooking apples and pears, taking care to make the slices even so it looks pretty when you come to serve it (OR, haphazardly chop your eating apple and pear without bothering to peel to save on washing up and because it’s too much effort).





Step Two – Carefully layer your fruit in an eye-pleasing pattern in your baking dish, before sprinkling a handful of sugar over the top to get that nice caramel taste. Top with your homemade crumble topping and put in the oven for 20 minutes. (OR Throw about half your fruit into the cereal bowl you happen to have beside you after checking and being about 80% sure that it’s clean. Put a layer of Frosted Flakes over them before adding the rest of your fruit and another layer of cereal to complete the crumble. Put in the microwave for five minutes.)





Once cooked, serve your delicious dessert in a beautiful bowl with a dollop of the finest vanilla ice cream to accompany it (OR take out of the microwave, grab a spoon and eat in your room whilst watching Madagascar on iPlayer. No need to serve as it’s already in a bowl!).



It was surprisingly nice, actually. The fruit was all fluffy and although the cereal is no competition for crumble topping, it did give it a nice crunch and the sugar on it made up for the sprinkle of sugar that’s meant to go over the fruit. It turned out to be a much bigger portion than I expected, but it was 80% fruit, so I thought that was ok. I might try it again some time – it’s a good way to use fruit that’s not quite ripe and it gives a little nod to proper home baking!



  1. Very creative. I don’t know if this should be embarassing or not but my husband (who is 49 years old mind you) is a huge forsted flakes fan and would probably love your creation. 🙂

  2. You’re a bit bonkers sometimes Alice. I love you anyway though xxx *mwah*


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