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I just finished writing this blog post, posted it, saw that Heather had written a new post and went over to Little Tin Bird to have a good old read, only to discover that she’d also done a list post! And the worst thing is she posted hers first, so I can’t even claim that she copied me. But, I’m not writing a whole new post just to prove that I didn’t steal the idea so you’ll just have to put up with two listy posts if you happen to read both our blogs. Lists are fine. Lists are GOOD. Lists are organised, and being organised means you have your life together. Hahaha, now read the rest of my post and laugh along with me at that last statement!

(And also, on the screen where I write my posts, there is a nice orderly gap between each paragraph making it nice to read. However, on the screen that all of you can see, some of the gaps are missing no matter how big I make them, so sorry about that. I’m not sure how to fix it.)

  • I seem to have lost my motivation to do ANYthing. Work, blog, shop, go outside. You name it, I can’t be bothered to do it. I’ve pretty much had a four day weekend – I finished uni at 11am on Friday and haven’t had anything since, until my 9am tomorrow. And all I’ve done is procrastinate. I mean, I’ve gone out and had a fab time with my friends, but during the day when I told myself I was going to do work I have done anything but. I think some of it’s the fact that my next piece of work isn’t due till Friday and in my head that’s a long way away still, and the other part is because I’ve realised that Pinterest comes up with a completely new page each time you click refresh if you’ve spent enough time reading all the other things on there. It’s not good.
  • My new favourite thing at the moment is drying my clothes outside. Before, I would wash my clothes and they’d smell nice when they came out of the machine. I’d then dry them in my room where they’d stay hanging for a few days because we don’t tend to have the heating on much and by the time I put them away they just smelt musty and damp. The past few days though, the weather has been sunny enough that I can hang them out on the line and not only do they dry quicker, they smell AMAZING when I put them away and then when I get them out to wear again. It’s just so much nicer putting on nice-smelling clothes!
  • The sun we’ve been having recently has put me in such a good mood in the mornings. It’s lovely to wake up to light peeping round the curtains and the room being semi-warm. It makes me actually want to get out of bed and start my day rather than hiding in my duvet not willing to face the cold and dark. Mind you, this has been at 10:30 for the last few days, so maybe it’s the lie in having that effect… But I felt so ready to get up this morning that I sprang up and took my laundry straight into the little out house to be washed. I then came back up and tidied my room up before sitting down to do work, laughing at myself for suggesting such a thing, and watching Doctor Who on iPlayer.
  • Recently, I have been having such a need for chocolate. I don’t know what it is, but I have to literally force myself not to enter the corner shop on the way back from uni each day. I tell myself that if I don’t have it, I can’t eat it. And then I dither for a few hours before making a journey just to buy some chocolate. Which means I usually end up buying some biscuits at the same time to make it feel like a more worthwhile journey. Of course, this end up with me getting home and scoffing the whole packet of biscuits and both chocolate bars I bought to last me over two days. Oops! Today I seem to literally have run out of all food. We do a house Tesco shop every now and then but we’ve been a bit lapse with it this term and so I generally end up buying a few things on the way home every few days. Because I’ve had a long weekend though, everything has gone and I ended up eating 4 oranges to try and reduce the chocolate craving. It didn’t work, BUT I did stop myself from going and buying chocolate anyway, so that’s a pat on the back for me.P1100358
  • As you’ve probably realised, I am a procrastination queen, as are most university students (or is it just me?!) and so when I saw a riddle on Pinterest yesterday, I thought I’d give it a go. I used to love working out brain teasers and things when I was little and proceeded to spend yesterday evening and some of this morning trying to work it out. If you’re interested, here‘s a link to it. I ended up drawing several diagrams and tables and when I got the answer I was kind of like, “Ok. Great. WHY did I spend all that time working that out?” Oh well, at least I accomplished something!



  • I went out on Saturday evening with a few friends from home, some of which come to my uni and some who were staying with them. We were pre-drinking at one of their houses and I arrived first. We were talking for a while when we heard a knock on the door. It was two of the boys and they’d randomly decided to come dressed up as Shrek and Gingy, the gingerbread man. It gave us such a laugh! I still have no idea why they decided to do it, no-one else was dressed up, but it was brilliantly random! There’s a photo of me walking down the path sandwiched between them both and I just thought, this absolutely sums up uni life. Bizarre!
  • I’m going home this weekend and I’m absolutely looking forward to it. Although I have been home recently, it feels like it’s been a long time. I guess because Heather’s been there with TTB, (which has been awesome, by the way), but it’s all been very busy and they were staying in my room which was fine, but I was kind of without a space. It wasn’t a problem at all, but I’m looking forward to going home and having quiet time and having ACTUAL time to bake and read and talk to people. That’s the problem with having a baby in the house, you automatically want to spend all of your time cuddling/kissing/watching/bathing/tickling him. Again, all good things, but I think I need some home time to recuperate a bit.

Well, those are a few little random things that are flying around my head at the moment. It feels like I haven’t caught up with all of you for ages! I think it’s because I always forget to take my camera with me to places and if I don’t have photos I feel like I can’t blog, so you might just have to deal with photoless posts for a while, especially as my camera’s run out of battery and if you refer to point number one, that might explain why this is bad. Still, hopefully I’ll get my motivation for EVERYTHING back soon. Maybe it’s just one of those days/weeks/months. Who knows?



  1. Melanie

    I can’t wait for you to come home either. We don’t seem to have had a proper catch up for ages. I might even bake a cake…………
    Oh, and it isn’t just students who procrastinate about getting things done. I’m thinking it might be genetic, in which case you have no hope!

  2. LOL! Alice, if its any consolation, I read your list first and then went over to read heathers 🙂 I had that at Uni too – you’ll get through it, I used chocolate to bribe myself… no more til I’d acheived this that or the other thing…! xxx

  3. One-oh-four

    It’s known as “the February effect” in our house, we all seem to have it. For instance we are now over halfway through half term and the only thing I have really achieved is beating my own high score on Solitaire…..

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