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A Crazy Bus Experience

The other day, I was travelling back from uni on the bus with two of my friends just like any other day. We reached the stop where one of my friends gets off, said goodbye and then my other friend and I continued our conversation. This was until we heard someone stomping with all their might up the stairs on the bus. It turned out the stomping feet belonged to a boy, about 11 years old. Bear in mind that this is a bus that runs from the university to the town where most of the students live. There aren’t usually any members of the public on it, so this in itself was rather odd. He then proceeded to walk down the aisle of the bus, shouting at the top of his voice that everyone had to be SILENT! At this point, everyone was watching the boy with curiosity, wondering what he was about to do.

In his hands were a box of French Fancies and he walked the entire length of the bus, offering every single student one of the cakes. Of course, no-one wanted to deprive a young boy of his cake, so everyone politely turned down the offer. He wasn’t ready to accept the rejection though, and walked all the way back again assuring us that we were allowed to have a cake if we’d eaten our dinner. Considering the bus was pretty much full, this took quite a long time and whenever anyone started talking he would turn round, glare at them and shout, “You have to be SILENT!”. Eventually, one guy did take a cake to satisfy the boy and said he’d eat it later. This obviously wasn’t good enough though, as the boy then stood over him and demanded that he eat it there and then, which he did.

Unfortunately, my bus stop was only a few stops down from where the boy got on so I didn’t get to see how the whole episode finished. It was such a bizarre experience though! I’m quite impressed with his confidence to be honest. To be able to confront a whole bus deck of people who are twice the age of you takes some courage, and he obviously loved the attention. He must be quite a handful at school, but I think he has a bright future as some kind of sales person – he wouldn’t stop until he had what he wanted!

Getting the bus is usually very mundane, but every so often something happens which makes all the other journeys worth it. The boy is now famous amongst people who get the student bus and people look forward to when he’ll provide the next set of entertainment!


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