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Outings with Tiny Tin Bird

Over the last two weeks, Heather and Tiny Tin Bird have been staying at home for a visit. I love that Heather’s determined to bring him down as much as possible so he’s comfortable there and so we all get to know him (and him us!) as he grows up. It sucks that they live so far away, so it’s nice that they were staying for a while. The only annoying thing was I WASN’T THERE! Being a uni student mostly means that I am, in fact, at uni and therefore not at home. When I know that Heather’s visiting, I usually try my hardest to be at home as much as possible because I don’t get to see her all that often and I need my recommended dose of baby snuggles! I managed to go home for the day during the first week as I only had one 9am lecture, so caught the train home and then drove back early the next day. I also went back that weekend which was nice because it was all a bit more settled and I could help with TTB’s bath time and show him his books and point things out to him through the window.

On Thursday, instead of me going home, my mum, Heather, Rachel and TTB came to visit me at uni. The town I live in is only about a half an hour drive from home, so it wasn’t too hard for them to do. We spent most of the morning in Nero’s trying to stop TTB grabbing our hot drinks and trying to keep track on his dribbling situation. It was great to be out with everyone and I got to have TTB most of the time as I’d missed out on all the time at home. I got the multi tasking down to a fine art! TTB sat on one leg – the one furthest from my hot chocolate – supporting him with my left hand whilst sipping/nibbling using my right when it wasn’t needed for wiping/pointing/tickling.

Don’t you just love that swirly whirl on the top of his head?!



Once we’d finished our drinks, we took it in turns to stand him up on the floor while he tried to walk – he loves doing and he’s really good at it. He just holds on to your fingers for balance, he can support his own weight and move his legs to walk all by himself!



Another of his favourite things to do is look out of windows, and it being a town, there was much more to look at than the usual garden view that I show him at home. We looked at all the cars going by and all the people on the streets – he was very content.



We had nearly the whole of the top floor to ourselves, which was lovely because we (he) could be as loud as we wanted and could wonder around a bit to keep him entertained. Once we’d finished, I ‘bagsied’ carrying him in the Ergo with me. It was brilliant – just like having a hot water bottle cuddled up to you. Perfect for a cold, windy morning. We became shopping buddies as we looked around Paperchase and Next. I’m usually done looking round shops in about a quarter of the time it takes the others, so I just wandered around chatting to TTB and showing him things. He was very amiable, and if I’d been stood still for too long, a quick squawk would let me know and we’d move on. We went to look at the baby clothes in Next and I told him all he had to do if he saw something he wanted was to dribble on it – then his mum would HAVE to buy it for him. I don’t think he was interested in much though, because not long into it he fell asleep.

I’d mentioned to my friends that my family were visiting and they’d be able to meet TTB if they wanted to and while we were shopping, I got a call asking where we were. I went out to meet them whilst calling to Heather, “I’m just stealing your baby!” which got me quite a strange look from the shop assistant. My friends, as most people seem to be, were absolutely besotted with him and were taken with his handsomeness. I stroked him on the cheek and wiggled his hand a bit to wake him up (I know, I know – don’t tell Heather!) so they could see him awake, and he just let out a huge yawn and beamed up at them with his eyes. I took them upstairs to meet the rest of my family and so Heather could answer baby questions – I told them he was 12 weeks old. He’s 20 weeks old (minus Auntie points right there!). Time just goes so quickly! It was really nice, but very strange seeing everyone together – uni and home often seem like two different worlds and the two mixing seemed like it should make the universe split in two or something. It hasn’t though, as far as I know anyway…

Soon after that I had to dash off to a tutorial, so I reluctantly gave up TTB to Rachel who had been dying to carry him in the Ergo (not sure whether for baby or for warmth?), did some quick hugs and goodbyes all round and then caught the bus into uni. It was so nice to spend some time with both Heather and TTB, I just wish I could have been at home for longer while she was there. The only downside is that all the work I SHOULD have been doing instead of galavanting off home all the time has really piled up and I have several deadlines in all at the same time, hence the lack of blogging for a while. I’ve just finished some tutorial questions and thought I’d have a blogging break before I start preparing for a presentation I’ve got to give on Friday.

I’ve got a good weekend planned though, with a few friends from home staying with my other friends from home who go to the same university. Lots of pubs and clubs and drinking, I should think. Watch out liver!



  1. I know I have said this before but what a lucky girl you are you seem to have such a lovely family. It is wonderful how close you all are to each other. It seems you have a great weekend planned. I hope you can finish a lot of work before then so you can relax and have fun.

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