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I just refreshed my stats page for my blog, and wordpress kindly told me that today is my blogaversary! One year ago today, I sat at my desk bored out of my mind, probably with a lot of work to do and thought, ‘Why not start a blog?’. I’d been toying with the idea for a while, but initially never intended to actually post anything online. I didn’t think I would ever manage the technical side of things, and thought I might just write as if I was writing a blog but just save it all on word and maybe post them online one day if I felt like it. However, after a very quick glance at the wordpress site, I realised just how easy it would be to work all the online, technical stuff and just DID it. I sat down and wrote and it felt GREAT! After all the sciencey stuff I’d been doing so intently, it felt amazing to sit at my desk and let whatever was in my head flow through my fingertips and onto the page. No assessment, no grades, no comparison. If someone didn’t like it, they could just move on. I felt so free! I wrote purely for me, to log what I was doing, to have a place to put all of the creativeness (or, anything that wasn’t science!) that was bubbling away inside me. I have a similar thing with sketching actually – the more science I do, the more I want to just open my sketchpad and draw. This is exactly what I’ve been doing recently. I got my sketchpad last week and I’ve already done five drawings, which is a lot for me!

As people starting actually reading my blog, I got really excited and would spend the time when I was in bed trying to get to sleep planning my posts – trying to find the amusing in everyday life. And at the beginning, I posted pretty much every day. Looking back, I don’t know how I managed it! How did I have so much to say?! I guess in my first year of uni, I was quite bored and had a lot of work that I should be doing, which meant I needed more forms of procrastination. Now though, I have less work and spend a lot more time doing things with my friends. Speaking of which, I still haven’t told about this here blog… At first, I didn’t tell anyone other than my family. Then I told a few of my oldest friends and then some other people happened to find out about it. I think the reason I haven’t told them is because I know I’d start changing what I was writing to suit them. It’s hard to explain, but this way I don’t have to worry about what I’m writing – not that they would mind either way, but I just find it easier to write like this. I’m sure I’ll tell them one day, or they’ll find out somehow, and I don’t mind if they do but I don’t want them to feel pressured to read anything I write!

Anywho… I think the topics I’ve written most about have had to be cakes, cafes, laundry and just general cooking. That’s one of the things I’ve really enjoyed about my blog this year actually – the amount of cooking challenges it’s given me! I love cooking and baking and always think of things I’d like to try. This blog has given me a space to write about everything I’ve tried and has also forced me to try lots of new things. The ‘Bake Off Challenges‘ were such fun and I’m so glad I did them. I’ve gotten into the habbit of storing little cooking challenges to try in my head now. At the moment, I still need to make the doughnuts that were meant to be the last Bake Off Challenge before I went to uni (oops) and I also want to try and make risotto from scratch. It will probably be ages before I get around to doing it, but the idea’s still there.



I still plan on putting recipes up when I cook things – I’ve got one ready to write up for something that I baked over the weekend. I did the Bake Off Challenges as a marker of my 100th post. I’ve just gone past the 150th post mark, so I’ll have to think of another challenge for when I reach 200 – any ideas welcome!

Writing a blog has also opened the blog world up to me – I like popping over to other people’s blogs if they’ve left me a comment or something just to see who’s reading my blog. The reason I knew about blogging in the first place is because of Heather, and I know a lot of my readers come from her. It’s funny looking at my stats page because I don’t get peaks according to when I post, but when she does. I love it that Heather blogs, and I love reading what she’s been up to. I also love comparing our posts when we’ve done something together, it’s interesting seeing the day from another point of view!

Although one of the reasons I started my blog was to keep an account of what I do, I actually find it incredibly cringey reading back over posts that I’ve written. I’m sure in about 10 years or so, it’ll be a nice memento, but at the moment it’s just horrible and I try to avoid it as much as possible! I like the fact that I’ll be able to remember the day to day things as well as the big events though. I want to remember how it REALLY was, not just how I think I thought it was.

Well, I think my eyes are telling me to go to bed now by the amount they’re drooping! It was a late night last night… I did intend to do some kind of summary of the year and find some of my favourite posts or photos or something, but my blogaversary kind of crept up on me and I haven’t had time. I’ll try and get around to that soon though, as that was the reason I didn’t do one at new years! We’ll see if I ever do that then. And even in the absence of cake and candles, I’ve rather enjoyed writing this little blogaversary post, but now need a little lie down after all that reminiscing over why I started this blog!



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  1. One-oh-four

    Aww, Happy Blogaversary! I enjoy your blog so much, it reminds me of being a student myself, even if that was *cough* 22 years ago, and you have a lovely way of writing that makes anything come alive. I love your GBBO challenges and am in awe of your intention to make donuts – my biggest fear would be making them and then scoffing the lot!!

    Here’s to year 2 🙂

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