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The Morning of Two Cafes

On Thursday, I didn’t have any lectures in the morning and the roads were clear of snow, so my mum managed to come over for a visit. I met her in town and, of course, we headed straight to our favourite cafe here. This is the one where they use real chocolate in their hot chocolate and it just tastes amazing! I meant to bring my camera with me to take some photos of the day, but I forgot, so sorry about that. It’s always a bit of a gamble with this cafe as to what you’ll get served with your hot drink. The first time, I didn’t get anything, the next I got two marshmallows, another time I just got one. This time, with my hot chocolate and my mum’s americano, we both got served four pieces of Krave cereal! I went to Tesco’s yesterday and saw that it was half price, which might explain it. It’s something a bit different, anyway! The first time we went to this cafe, we both thought that the drinks were amazing, but the cakes weren’t anything to get excited over, so this time we popped into a bakery a few doors down and picked out some iced currant buns for later.



After that, we wondered in the direction of an Oxfam to see if they had any copies of ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown which has been thoroughly recommended to me by my friends and is now on my reading list. They didn’t have any, but we managed to find two Sherlock Holmes books. Rachel, Patch and I are BIG fans of the ‘Sherlock’ series on the BBC and for Christmas Rachel bought Patch a really nice, huge, leather bound copy of all the Sherlock Holmes stories, with gold gilt and everything. I was very jealous as I know a lot of the modernised  BBC series uses lots of clever bits that tie in with the books without you realising, and plan to steal the book from him when he’s finished with it. When I saw these in the bookshop though, I thought ‘Why not?’ and I bought one for £3 something, and my mum bought the other £6 one as a gift for me. It’s just as well because I’m nearly finished with ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ and didn’t have anything next in line to read.



We spent a while walking down the side roads that have lots of little shops and cafés tucked away, peeking into shops full of ribbon and bunting and notepads and novelty stationary and noting down any cafes that looked particularly interesting (there were a lot!). We also went into Paperchase and my mum bought me a lovely new sketchpad, which I christened last night. I have so many different sketchpads at home that I’ve collected over the years, but most of them just have a few drawings in them as I’d lose the pad and then pick up another one and start drawing in that instead. I didn’t have one at uni and ended up drawing on normal A4, which I’m sure will end up either crumpled or lost, or both, so this is my official university sketchpad. I love it when I’m here on my own in the evening and I’ll find an Adele playlist on YouTube, flick through some Facebook photos and pick a nice one to draw and then spend the next few hours sketching away before going to bed feeling very relaxed.


Next on the agenda was a quick Tesco shop to buy grapes (my new favourite snack), tangerines, bananas, hot chocolate and a pack of KitKat Chunkies, before dropping them into the car and heading back to one of the more interesting looking cafes for a quick lunch before I had to go into uni. We had about an hour before I had to be on a bus, but thought we would just about make it. I ordered a panini and diet coke, my mum ordered a coffee and a slice of carrot cake. After a while, the coffee and cake arrived. After a few minutes, my mum gave up waiting and tucked in. Another few minutes later, we were glancing at our watches rather nervously. Another few minutes, and we asked the waitress if the panini was nearly done. ‘Panini?’, was the reply. With about twenty minutes before I had to be on a bus, my panini and coke arrived (after some reminding about the coke too), which I then ate at the speed of light and then ended up taking the glass coke bottle out with me to drink in the car.

The plan was to drop my things at my house, then catch the bus from there but the traffic lights weren’t on our side and as we drove up to the house, we saw the bus pulling away. Thankfully, my mum offered to drive me and all was ok. I was left with a bag full of treats including:

  • My running trainers
  • A selection of DVDs from home
  • My warm scarf
  • My hot water bottle
  • Chocolate cakes!



Mmmm, I love being delivered home made treats. They’re just so much better than shop bought ones (even if the tub they were in did accidentally get tipped on its side)! I’ve really been missing cooking and baking, actually. When I’m trying to get to sleep, I end up making lots of imaginary dishes and things that I want to try and make next time I’m home.

All in all, it was a really nice morning and I’m so glad we’re able to do that kind of thing. Although, I think I’m addicted to hot chocolate right now, after the amount I’ve drunk in different cafes!



  1. Liz J

    Sounds like a perfect morning.Cafes and bookshops and being treated by your Mum.Glad you enjoyed it.I have been missing you doing baking.Some of the things you make look delicious.You should share recipes with us.


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