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Snow Musings

Ah, snow. You either love it or you hate it. The man who gave me a lift back from uni on Friday (and I think I should clarify here that he was a fourth year studying at the uni, I was with my (male) friend, another girl and a male adult who works at the university, so it wasn’t like I just took a lift from a random stranger on my own for no reason) said during one of the awkward silences that he thinks the transition into an adult can be seen when you find snow an incovenience rather than something that makes the world into a huge playground. I think I’m just about with him on that one. I still LOVE snow and I look forward to going sledging every year, even if it is a bit different when you’re at uni, but I’m starting to appreciate all the disruption it causes. For instance:

  • I was meant to go home last weekend to take part in a canoe race that my club was hosting, but the race was cancelled as the canal had frozen, and the trains weren’t running anyway. It wasn’t that much of a big deal, but I was looking forward to racing.
  • Heather was also meant to visit this week, but couldn’t because of the snow which means not seeing her or TTB for a bit longer (although we did have an awesome game of peek-a-boo over skype yesterday).
  • As I didn’t go home last weekend, my mum was going to come over for coffee yesterday, until it snowed more and she had to rearrange for tomorrow. Now there’s even more snow falling, so we’ll have to see if that happens or not.
  • Whenever it snowed when I was at home, in a village, it was always beautiful. Proper white snow that stayed white for at least two days. Now I’m in a town and the snow turns to grey mush within a few hours of people walking all over it. They’ve cleared it all from the town centre, so it’s like it never snowed in the first place but all the snow outside my house has now been compacted and frozen into ice. And I’ve recently discovered that my wellies have absolutely zero grip on them, so I just slide about everywhere (including nearly going head over heels when I carried some shopping home yesterday).
  • It’s blooming cold!! Not so much the actual air temperature, but when you’re waiting for a bus for 40 minutes or so, standing on the frozen pavement, the extra pair of socks you put on in the morning seem absolutely pointless because your feet turn to blocks of ice within minutes. I always end up standing with one leg raised off the floor like a flamingo to try and shield it from the cold ground before swapping with the other numb foot that can’t stand it any more.
  • Before it snowed, I was doing some really good revision of all my lectures. I don’t even have exams any time soon, but I was still working through them like a trooper. Now, it just seems wrong to work. When I look outside at the snowy scene, all it makes me want to do is curl up on my bed in my red and white Christmas blanket and read my book (which is incidentally what I have been doing for the last hour…). Another option is to sit and watch a movie whilst consuming half my weight in biscuits/chocolate/sweets. It just has to be done!




Despite all these things, I still get that excitable, tingly feeling when the first few snowflakes fall and everyone starts debating whether it’ll settle or not. I love the way it makes all the views extra pretty and the way it makes the trees look like they’ve been covered in fairy dust. I like the way it changes the colour of what you’re looking at – how it reflects the sky and gives everything a blue tint. The way it sparkles in the half light when you walk home after a long day of sledging. I still love to build snowmen, and make snow angels, and throw snowballs. I love seeing all the different footprints mixed up with sledge tracks. And I love the way it makes everyone seem more ‘together’ – everyone’s talking about the same thing, everyone’s having the same problems and enjoying the same experiences.

See, I’m still seeing the good, magical, excitable side of snow so therefore I am NOT YET A FULLY GROWN ADULT! I refuse to belief that just observing and understanding the down sides of snow means you are one step further away from the child you used to be.

I’m not an adult yet. I’m not, I’m not, I’m NOT!!!




  1. Hi Alice,

    My apologies for the mini lecture the other day. Sounds like by your description you were perfectly safe the entire time. I should have assumed you would know how to keep yourself safe. Your first description was not as clear and if you were my sister or daughter I would just want you to be safe that’s all. Just trying to be a friend not stick my nose into your personal affairs. So please accept my apology. That is a good point of the line between adulthood/childhood and snow. Never thought of it but it is totally true.

    • Hi!
      Don’t worry – I’m very glad you pointed it out because me not giving a clear description is actually setting a bad example for others who might then think it’s ok to get in a car with a stranger. I just wanted to let everyone know how it really was, so thank you for commenting before!
      Alice 🙂

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