Just the thoughts of a girl.

Dear Neighbour

Dear Next Door Neighbour,

I thought I’d provide you with some feedback about your regular band/solo performances, as I’ve decided that this must be the reason why you play loud enough for us to hear it wherever we are in the house. Lets just say, I think it needs some work. Whilst I occasionally enjoy some of your acoustic performances, I would much prefer it if you limited them to times when I am browsing the internet. Times it is not appreciated for you to play include the following:

  • When I am reading a book.
  • When I am working.
  • When I am trying to listen/sing along to my own music.
  • Between the hours of 10:30pm and 10:30am.

If you can manage to stick to those rules, I think we could work something out. Perhaps introduce a requests system (maybe work on a few more Jack Johnson songs?). I could give a certain number of knocks on the wall and you could play the corresponding song!

I’m afraid I’m not your target audience when you perform your more ‘rocky’ songs, nor when you suddenly burst into a strange, high-pitched version of ‘In The Jungle, the Mighty Jungle’. This goes especially for when you decide to do it extra loudly at 2 in the morning.

While I appreciate that it must be nice for you to express your musical hobby, it might be nice if you could either do it at a slightly quieter volume, or in a room that is not separated from mine only by a thin wall. If you would oblige to these conditions, I will gladly be the example of a good neighbour. If not, I might be forced to sing along to several Glee songs at the top of my voice as I get ready for uni at 7 in the morning.

You have been warned,

Your slightly annoyed neighbour.


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