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The Good Samaritan

All of Thursday, all anyone was talking about was the incoming snow. “We’re meant to get 10 inches overnight!”, “I heard some shops are only selling two loaves of bread per person so they don’t run out!”, “I hope we have a snow day so we can spend the whole day having snowball fights and going sledging!”. Lo and behold, as I got the bus home on Thursday, there were a few flakes lightly falling from the sky. We all went to bed with the excitement of the almost certainty of a snow day the next day and snuggled up warmly. So you can imagine my disappointment when I woke up on Friday morning, ran to the window and pulled back the curtains only to find a light scattering. Hmph.

After begrudgingly getting ready and consulting my friend on the etiquette of wearing wellies to uni, I pulled on my hat (which I got for my birthday the year before last but haven’t worn nearly as much as I’d liked to have done) and walked to the bus stop. It was snowing, at least, but not very heavily at all. That was until we got to uni when the clouds decided they were far too heavy and needed to shed all their snow weight right THEN (maybe it’s their new year’s resolution to lose their snow weight, hehe). And it just got heavier and heavier throughout the day. After one lecture and a tutorial, the university had issued its severe weather warning, there were rumours about the roads being really bad and the bus service thinking about stopping, so my friends and I decided to search out the lecturers who were running the next three lectures and see if they were going to cancel them. The first lecturer we found hadn’t realised how bad it was and asked us if we thought he should cancel (very hard question to answer when desperately wanting to go home and play in the snow whilst staying in said lecturer’s good books). We said, “Hmm, probably might be a good idea…”, so he did! We bumped into the next lecturer and told him that the first lecturer had cancelled and asked him if he was going to as well. He said that the head of the department had emailed everyone advising them to cancel the lectures, so he had. With high hopes, we trotted off to find the last lecturer only to be told that, yes the lecture was definitely still on and no he definitely was NOT going to cancel or rearrange. (We later got an email saying that due to the low number of students who turned up for the lecture, it had been rearranged for another time).


After about 2.5 seconds, we decided that we weren’t going to stay for one lecture and made our way to the bus stop. We were some of the last people to get there and most had managed to get a bus, so there weren’t too many people waiting. The roads were pretty bad and there were huge lines of traffic not really moving anywhere. There were two buses on the other side of the road waiting to go into uni, do a loop and come past our bus stop on the way out. After about half an hour of waiting, someone went over to ask if they could get on the bus there instead of waiting for it to do its loop and the driver told him that both buses were stopping when they got to uni and the bus service had been cancelled. The man came back to report this news to us, at which point we stood for about 5 minutes wondering what to do and whether we’d have to spend the night at uni on a floor somewhere. A few people were sticking their thumbs out, trying to get one of the many drivers crawling past to give them a lift. It wasn’t long before a car pulled up right beside us and asked if anyone wanted a ride, so we jumped in utterly relieved that we weren’t going to be stuck at uni.

It took us a very long time to get back, but thankfully the driver was neither a novice at driving in the snow, or a murderer so we were ok. It was strange looking out of the window on the short motorway stretch to see a tractor with a trailer bombing past us though! He dropped us off in town and we thanked him profusely before he drove on his merry way. Now the inconvenient kind of snow had turned into the LET’S GO SLEDGING!!!!!! kind of snow, so we went off in search of some wellies to buy for my friend and some sledges before trekking to the sledging hills to meet another friend and join every other person in town. There were some beautiful views from the top and everything glistened in white, but I didn’t have my camera so couldn’t take any photos -sorry! You’ll just have to do with the view from my window from a few hours ago – not quite the rolling hills overlooking the town with windows like pinpricks of light in the semi darkness, but it proves that there’s snow…




We bought those really cheap plastic sledges that are basically round seats with a handle and then went sledging on nearly every one of the hills there, and believe me there are loads! You kind of have to lean back on the sledge to get anywhere without your feet dragging on the ground and not only slowing you down but blinding you with a huge spattering of snow (not the best idea when the hill is full of silly people who think it’s a good idea to walk back up the middle of it!). The only problem with this is that if you lean back too far, which I did nearly every time, you manage to scrape a whole ton of snow up inside your coat onto your back. As soon as I stood up each time, a pile of snow would fall out from my coat after completely numbing my back – fun times! It was really good fun though, and we made snow angels and threw snow at each other like you’re meant to do when it snows properly.



When it started to get dark and I thought my thumbs were about to drop off due to my fingerless gloves having a fold over bit for the fingers but not having complete thumbs, we made our way back to our houses. And that’s where I’ve been ever since, wearing two hoodies, my gloves and hat as we try and keep the heating bill down. I’ve managed to get a lot done though – I’ve washed my clothes, hung them up AND cleaned the kitchen. I took some time out with David Attenborough to watch ‘Africa’ and after writing this shall try and convince myself to do some work.



So, thank you Mr Good Samaritan, for driving us home so selflessly meaning we could go and play in the snow and then be all warm and cosy in our own beds rather than on the floor of a university room somewhere! I really appreciate it, despite my legs having huge bruises all over them from sledging yesterday.



  1. dippydoodle

    I think it was rather irresponsible of your last lecturer to refuse to cancel. He put you all at risk, as it was you were lucky to get home!
    Sounds like you had fun sledging. We haven’t had enough snow to get the sledges out. Every time it snows it will then sleet and just leaves a mushy mess. What’s the point in snow if you can’t build a good snowman and go sledging???

  2. One-oh-four

    Grumpy old lecturer number 3 😦 I was down at Westwood on Thursday evening for a meeting scheduled for 4.30 till 7.30, but we broke up around 6 as the snow was getting heavier – like you I was all set for a snow day on Friday but ended up having to go to school – luckily we got sent home at lunchtime though, I think the Head realised that not a lot of learning was going on as the kids were all so hyper.

    I’m really enjoying Africa too – loved the bit in the first episode where the giraffes had a fight!

  3. I love your red blanket! I love those type of prints. I am glad you arrived home safely. I know you don’t need a lecture but I think it is scary to accept rides with strangers and I think you should think about not doing that again. I hope you have a good weekend.

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