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Monday Evenings

At the moment, mine and my friends’ timetables are a bit empty. It isn’t usually like this at all and we’re typically in uni quite a lot each day. It just so happens though, that right now we don’t have anything on Mondays. This means, of course, that we wouldn’t see each other for three days in a row if it weren’t for our Monday evenings. It started out as just the time that everyone was free and we’d go over to the house where a few of my friends live and order pizza before catching the bus home. Now though, it’s kind of become a Thing. Me and my friend catch the bus over to their house in the evening, we argue for about an hour over what food we want to order, order the food, wait for a seemingly very long time before the food arrives, then scramble for a space on the sofa or risk ending up eating on the floor.

The rest of the evening can be filled with a variety of things. We mostly play games, such as Articulate or some kind of card game. We might discuss watching a film, but that never happens because by the time we decide what to watch, it’s too late to watch anything. Most recently, we’ve watched several episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’. I’d never come across this before, but the others have watched the first series so I just had to make up my own story lines as to how the world had turned into a zombie-infested war zone.

At different points throughout the evening, everyone will take it in turns to shower so we’re not all lining up for one in the morning and then people wander off to their rooms to go to bed. I usually end up on the sofa, with my other friend on a mattress on the floor (yes, I have offered to swap!) and then we all wake up to get ready for the 9am lecture that most of us share. It’s nice sitting round the kitchen table in the morning, each with our respective breakfast cereal discussing anything and everything. I do feel bad that I constantly eat my friend’s cereal – I’ll have to buy her another box. And some more toothpaste. And a bottle of coke…

Then we all catch the bus into uni ready to start the week of lectures. It’s nice having some kind of routine that isn’t just made up of lectures. I look forward to it if I’ve been home for the weekend and am very grateful to my friends’ for having me over and then having to clean up the entire house once I’ve left! I do my best to clean up the living room, but we go to bed so late and get up again so early that there’s not all that much time to do it in. Oh well, I’ll make it up to them some time. I’m living with them next year, so maybe I’ll just offer to do their washing up for the first week of term.

Or maybe not…



  1. One-oh-four

    Think I prefer the sound of Articulate over The Walking Dead…..

  2. This sounds like so much fun. The Walking Dead is great but I don’t know if I could jump in without seeing the beginning. No wonder you are making up stories.

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