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The Best of Both Worlds

Saturday was my mum’s birthday, so naturally I decided to go home to spend the weekend with her. With my alarm set for some ungodly hour known as 7:30am, I was all ready to catch the train and have a nice time at home. Only, at 7:25, I got a text from my mum saying, ‘I’m really sorry, but don’t come home! It’s snowing really heavily here and I don’t think I’ll be able to pick you up from the station’. Although I was very disappointed not to be going home, in the short term the disappointment was balanced with the thought that at least I would be able to stay in my warm, cosy bed for a bit longer.

After a morning of watching programmes on my laptop and doing some work, I got a text from my mum saying that it had stopped snowing and she could come and pick me up if I still wanted to come home – “Yes, YES, YES PLEASE!” was my reply, and I went straight upstairs to pack. As I didn’t have to get the train home any more, I thought it would be nice if I spent the money on something for my mum instead, seeing as I’m so unorganised that her main present wouldn’t arrive till this week. ‘Hmmm’, I thought. What could I get for my mum that doesn’t take long to get, doesn’t cost the Earth and doesn’t need wrapping. Easy – flowers! So I trotted off into town to fetch a pretty bunch of tulips. Only, the lady at the flower stall worked her trading magic on me and I somehow ended up with three bunches. They were very pretty though, and definitely worth it.


Whenever it’s my mum’s birthday, the whole house always gets transformed into a florists. I think everyone just knows that my mum LOVES flowers. So when I arrived home, with my mum clutching her tulips, I found these gorgeous flowers in the kitchen:







A bunch on the dining room table:



A line up of daffodils in the sitting room:



And then Rachel arrived home in the evening with two more pretty bunches of tulips:







It was lovely having flowers on practically every surface. It made everything seem so fresh after the clutteriness of Christmas. Most of the day was spent attempting to watch a programme on catch up TV which did NOT want to play. It would just restart every few minutes, but we persevered and eventually managed to watch all of it. After that we cooked an Indian meal. We had lentil dal, bombay potatoes, (adapted) mushroom baji and poppadoms, naans, samosas and rice. It was goooood.







And of course, a birthday isn’t a birthday without cake. We had chocolate gateau filled with cream, topped with chocolate ganache and surrounded by chocolate coated strawberries. It was amAZing!







And obviously because it had fresh cream in it, it all had to be eaten very quickly. It was a tough job, but we managed it.

As we were watching television in the evening, I got a text from an old friend that I don’t usually see very often, asking if I was going to her house for a ‘chilled evening’. I hadn’t been going to go as it was my mum’s birthday, but she insisted that she didn’t mind so I grabbed my car keys and went. I wasn’t going to stay long as I wasn’t expecting to know anyone, but as I got there, I recognised two of my friends from secondary school that I hadn’t seen for about 3 years! After the initial surprise and hugging was over, we just settled down into our old ways and had a right old laugh. It was SO good to see them again – it’s funny how time just slips by isn’t it? 3 years and so much has changed, yet in that evening it felt like we were at school together yesterday. I had a really nice time and swore to myself that I would organise something with all of us again soon. After saying that I really had to leave about 5 times, I eventually got up and hugged everyone goodbye, before standing there for another 15 minutes reminiscing about school. Then I really DID have to go and dragged myself away.

Sunday was spent standing by the side of the frozen canal hoping that it would thaw out enough to paddle on, which it did eventually. An hours paddle and a hot chocolate later, I went home for a quick lunch, packed my bags and got delivered back to uni again. It’s strange, maybe it’s just because it’s the beginning of term but it doesn’t feel horrible coming back. It’s sort of like instead of feeling like I’m abandoning my home life, I’m actually living both my uni and home life at the same time. I really enjoy going back for the odd weekend and I’m so grateful that I live close enough for it to be an easy thing to do. I know it will get harder as the work load picks up again, but at the moment I’m just enjoying the best of both worlds.



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  1. This made me giggle – for a minute I had visions of you actually rolling up your trousers and going for a paddle before I realised what you meant! Looks like your mom had a lovely birthday. Your curry looks amazing. Abigail x

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