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Gods and Warriors

Hello there, how are you all?

I’m officially back into the swing of uni life, going to lectures like a pro and ignoring my alarm so I get an extra five minutes in bed. I had a bit of spare time yesterday, so while watching ‘Definitely, Maybe’ (just a generic rom-com), I decided to put up a few of my pictures from last year. I’ve been putting it off because I knew I was going to get some new pictures from Heather for my birthday and wanted to put those ones up instead, but when I opened the pack on my desk yesterday I realised they were the old ones instead of the new ones, which I must have left at home. As I already had the blue tac out, and nothing else to do, I just flicked through and picked out a few of my favourites and stuck them up anyway. I love waking up and seeing them there on my wardrobe door. Makes me happy.



My real reason for posting today though is to discuss with you the book I most recently finished. This book was an excellent birthday present from Rachel, who, working at Waterstones, now has access to perfect birthday and Christmas presents for everyone in our family. You might remember quite a few months ago I kept banging on about a book called ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver before I realised that it had been moved into the 9-12 year old section in the bookshop and I felt like a wally. Well, just because the people that make all the important book-classing decisions didn’t think  it would be suitable for my age group doesn’t stop me (and Rachel!) having a love for the book series. So imagine my delight when, on my birthday,  I opened her gift to find it was Michelle Paver’s new book! And not only that, when I opened the cover I saw that it had been signed! YAY!



Rachel managed to get it signed because she was chosen to go to a big book event (even though she’s only been working there for a few months and even though no-one else had been selected to go from that store in a long time) and when she discovered that Michelle Paver was there to promote the new book, she ran right off to buy one and get it signed for me. Apparently Michelle asked her what age I was going to be on my birthday and when Rachel replied with ’20’, she chuckled and said, ‘Maybe I’d better not put that bit in then.’ Even MICHELLE PAVER, the AUTHOR thinks I’m too old to read her books. Sad times. But they’re so damn good, I just can’t help it!



So instead of being embarrassed about this, I’m going to go forth and spread the Michelle Paver love (again). The Wolf Brother series is set in the stone age and is about a young boy having to fight lots of demons and things in the form of bears. It sounds really childish whenever I try to describe it, but you kind of realise that although it is fantasy, it’s what the people of that time would really have believed. They would have thought that the soul of a demon can be trapped into a huge bear and that might be the reason why it’s causing havoc amongst them. And the amount of research that Paver had put into the series was apparent throughout the book as the detail of how Torak, the boy, survived in the wild was amazing and just made perfect sense.

The same was true with this new book, ‘Gods and Warriors’. This time it’s set in the bronze age, and although it was odd reading something in the same style but with different characters and a more advanced way of life (they have chariots and everything, very different to having to walk everywhere like in the stone age!), it was great to be reading a brilliant book again. It still sounds a bit dramatic when I say that the storyline is a group of baddies trying to kill all the ‘outsider’ children due to a prophecy and it’s the story of a boy trying to escape them whilst finding his sister. He ends up on an island with a sort of princess who was about to be married against her will and together they just about manage to get away, although there are still a lot of loose ends ready to be tied up in the next book which comes out later.

All in all, I thought it was a brilliant book and (although I think I prefer the Wolf Brother series so far), I can’t wait to read the next book. Not only are the books informative, but they’re informative in a sneaky way – you’re so engrossed in the story that you don’t realise that you’re soaking up all this amazing information. You finish the book and think that was nice, then when you walk in on your dad watching Bear Grylls on the telly, you end up thinking to yourself, ‘But that’s not how they ACTually did it!’.

So, what I’m saying is that if you know any 13-15 year olds (or 9-12 year olds), boy or girl, buy them a Michelle Paver book. Read through it, just to check it’s suitable for them. Wrap up the present, but a pretty bow on it, then quickly run out to the shops and give them a bar of dairy milk so you can keep the book for your own secret reading indulgence that should only be suitable for young teenagers.

You won’t regret it!



  1. Ha, ha! You have made me smirk with joy!
    My older teenage girls loved the Wolf Brother series so once I’d yelled about you raving about the new book they informed me I could buy them a copy!! You need to be on commission and boost your student funds! Off to make a quick purchase now. Just about to start to teaching a year 3 class…..any recommendations for 8 year olds?! 🙂 Sylv x

  2. One-oh-four

    Sounds really interesting! Just the sort of thing for my son (he is 13). I often read books straight after or before he has read them – he likes to have someone to discuss them with but I always really enjoy them too. Have you read any of the following: Garth Nix (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen); Michael Scott (The Alchemist etc); Simon Scarrow (Gladiator series)? All pretty good but listed as kids book….

  3. dippydoodle

    I wouldn’t worry about the age range they put the books in, a good book is a good book no matter what age it is aimed at. Look at the Harry Potter series, kids books, but how many adults love them? Michael Morpurgo writes children’s books and see how widely acclaimed Warhorse is. I’m in my 40s (!) and often look in the teenage section at the library. Susan Cooper, Mary Hoffman, Philip Pullman Eva Ibbotson all write good books that are an easy read that don’t involve a lot of concentration when you just want to escape for a while. You enjoy your books and just ignore the intended age range!

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