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An Impromptu Visit

Yesterday, my mum and I woke up at the crack of dawn (actually, it was before dawn – we woke at about quarter to six and the sun didn’t rise for another two hours! Quite a shock to my system, that was!) to go on an impromptu visit to see Heather. Well, it was impromptu for me because I didn’t know about it until the day before. A family friend was working for the day quite close to where Heather lives, so we got a lift with him to there and then two trains to Heather’s town. That was a lot of travelling for six o’ clock in the morning! The day started with a bit of a surprise as we went into the living room and found that the Christmas tree had decided that Christmas was over and it didn’t want to play any more:


It was very strange once we’d arrived because as we’d been on trains, it didn’t really feel like we should be there for some reason. It felt like we’d managed to teleport from here to there! We walked around town for a while, with me pushing the pram “Like a pro”, bought some Northern ginger guinea pigs and then headed to Heather’s house for a drink and some baby cuddles.



OH the baby cuddles! TTB is just sooooo cute! After a few minutes of hugging and bouncing and jiggling, we took him upstairs to take lots of photos of him on his gorgeous baby blanket. It’s surprisingly hard to take photos of a baby when he likes to wave his limbs around and chew his hands and dribble and look all around the room until he spots his mum, but we just about managed. Then, after a quick nappy change, there was time for some more baby snuggles and a few baby exercises – including baby flying! Definitely one to strengthen those biceps!



We headed into town after that to get some lunch which included some nice viennese biscuits from the upgraded Greggs (much, much nicer – no blue or orange in site and it just all looks much more edible!). TTB napped while we ate, which was good, and then woke up just as we were about to leave.



After saying goodbye to Heather and a very grisly TTB who was NOT happy about being in the baby carrier, we caught the two trains back and met our friend for the last stretch of the journey. We got home at about six, and it felt like we’d been out forever! It was so nice to see them though, and nice to have the opportunity just to ‘pop’ over there for a few hours.

Yay for impromptu visits!


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