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Dry Feet and Pretty Shoes

I have several pairs of shoes, and the kind I wear most often are the very cheap ones from Tesco or somewhere – about £6, a single colour, with white laces. I had a navy pair last year, but then they broke and became my ‘indoor shoes’ for living in halls. This year, I had a black pair like the one below, but then they broke so I resorted to stealing a pair of Rachel’s grey ones. I don’t think she noticed, she didn’t wear them very often… Anyway, they all ended up breaking in the same way – the sole of the shoe splits where it bends as you walk and the first indication of them being broken is a very soggy foot when you walk in the rain. Did I mention that I’m rubbish at being organised and also rubbish at shopping? I hate it. I think it’s the whole thing about having to depart with money that I’m not a fan of. So I just wore my broken shoes when it was dry and my boots when it was wet. That was until I discovered that my boots also had a leak in them and I was just destined to have wet feet.

This was something I often complained about to my friends – that’s me, complain without doing anything to overcome the problem! For mine and my friends’ Christmas presents this year, we decided that to save money, we would all contribute £5 to everyone’s presents. This meant that everyone got one nice gift worth £25, rather than a load of crappy ones. The end of term goodbyes didn’t really happen as planned, so it ended up with just me and one other friend opening our presents in the middle of Starbucks while two others watched (their presents were either at someone’s house or in the post). I’m usually a fan of saving presents until Christmas day, but I wanted to see my friend’s face as he opened his and he wouldn’t open his unless I opened mine, so you see, I HAD NO EXCUSE NOT TO!! (That’s what I’m telling Father Christmas, anyway).

I ripped off the paper, and was faced with a shoebox. And not just any old shoebox, a Converse shoebox. Then I opened the box, and they weren’t just any old Converse, they were the most AMAZING style-of-Alice Converse. Just look at them and tell me they’re not perfect!



I’m SO happy with them! They said they went through all of my clothes in their head and made sure that it matched them all – how thoughtful is that! Now, I should say that I have had some slight issues with Converse in the past. I’ve only ever had one pair, but because I have such super fat feet (they’re a size 4G or something stupid, so really short, but really wiiiiiiiide too), they ended up ripping where I had to yank the shoe around to squeeze my feet in. I’m being really careful with these ones though – it takes me about 10 minutes to put them on, but it is WORTH it for dry feet and pretty shoes!

The other thing I’m wary of is that they’re very white. I don’t usually do white for clothes or shoes, because if there’s a child jumping in a muddy puddle 10 miles away, you can bet that the splash will reach me. Ok, maybe it’s more likely that I AM the ‘child’ jumping in the muddy puddle, but you get the picture. It just means I’ll have to be selective about where I wear them and take care to quench the need to squelch about in mud while I’ve got them on. It’ll be hard, but it’ll be worth it.

Having dry feet just makes everything seem so much better, and the fact that they’re dry and pretty at the same time, well that just makes my day!




  1. They’re great! It is a good idea to pool your money like that, you can get much better pressies – as yours indicates.

  2. Liz

    Wow! That’s a real good present! They are very beautiful indeed.
    I wouldn’t mind getting a pair of those too… Enjoy them!
    Love, Liz.

  3. They look fab. What good friends. X

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