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A Dumping Ground Post

I’ve been feeling recently that there have been a lot of loose ends on my blog and I think that’s one of the reasons I’m being so rubbish and lazy with posting. There are a few things that I want to talk about, but I don’t think I could write a good enough post on each one, which means that when I want to blog, I feel I should write about one of these things that I’ve been thinking about for ages first before writing anything that’s actually, you know, interesting. So this post is just going to be a place to dump all these little things that may or may not be relevant/funny/interesting to read about and then HOPEfully I’ll get back into the swing of blogging proper-like.

  1. This is something that I mentioned a few times aaaages ago and I feel like I’ve been somehow irresponsible for not writing about this sooner. Every time I’ve sat down to blog, I’ve though – “Oh, I still need to write the review on ‘Northern Lights'”, and then just blogged about something entirely different. It’s not something that’s essential to my blog in any way, but I feel I need to write about it  to get it out the way and clear the space to write about something else.


    So, what did I think of ‘Northern Lights’? Our bookcase at home has it’s own special Philip Pullman section, but I’d never actually read any of his books (despite thorough recommendation and encouragement) until this one. It’s a bit of an odd book, in my opinion. It’s set in a kind of normal world but with weird magical bits thrown in, which confused me a bit at first. Was it set in the future, or in a weird parallel world? We’re never told, but once you get over that, it’s a very gripping book. I do wish I’d read it when I was a bit younger though, because my imagination would have been in override and the lack of details about what things were (for instance, you’re aren’t ever really told what a daemen is but you build a picture up over time) would have just spurred it on further. I would recommend this book for 13/14 year olds who like adventure and mischief  and have a big imagination. It’s good, but I feel there are a lot of loose ends and confusing bits in it. However, as it’s written from the point of view as a child, this might be entirely intentional and I might just be missing the point.

  2. My group of friends and I made a Christmas meal this week (Fake Christmas number 2 for Alice – twice the need for healthy New Years resolutions already!). It was super fun cooking everything, although we did have a few issues with the fat from the pigs in blankets not only smoking out the whole kitchen but dripping all over the parsnips, bearing in mind there were three vegetarians eating.


    Us vegetarians had Quorn chicken and leek pies, whilst the meat eaters had the typical turkey. Also on the menu were yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets, slightly undercooked roast potatoes, roast parsnips, stuffing, carrots, broccoli, sprouts and gravy, with £4 crackers from Tesco to accompany and bucks fizz to help everything go down. We were absolutely stuffed by the end, but we still managed to squeeze in some amazing home made mince pies and some chocolate yule log for those that weren’t fans of mincemeat (and for us greedy guts who like having two puddings…).


  3.  The reason for having Fake Christmas number 2 is that THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF TERM! How has it flown by so quickly? I feel like I’ve been here for about 3 or 4 weeks, when in reality I’ve been here for 10. I guess this is a good sign, that time flies when you have fun, and I’m unbelievably pleased that I’m finally enjoying uni. On the other hand though, I don’t feel ready to leave all my friends behind for a month after being used to seeing them every day. I suppose I’m just forgetting about all my friends waiting for me at home and once I’m back I’ll think, “Oh yeah, I do belong here afterall”. Not that I don’t feel I belong there, but I think I’ve just forgotten how to live my day to day life there rather than being a visitor. It will be nice to rediscover my routine again.
  4. I’ve had a rather stressful day today, what with writing the biggest cheque I’ve ever written and feeling like I’ve signed my life away in order to sort out my house for next year (which, once you get past the high cost and scary proper estate agent contracts is an absolutely AMAZING house). I’ve also had to hand in a lab report which counts for a much higher percentage of my course than I thought and that I’m not entirely happy with for a reason I can’t put my finger on. I’m sure it will be fine, but I’ve just got a feeling that it’s not quite as good as it should be. Today was also spent making rushed, last minute plans to meet up with my friends before we all go home tomorrow. After tonight’s gathering at the pub fell through, it looks like Christmas present exchanging and last goodbyes will have to be done over a quick coffee tomorrow instead. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Ok. I feel better now. Better and tired. It’s nearly midnight and I’m not in bed yet! I haven’t even been doing anything fun or productive and now my eyes are drooping as I wonder whether my neighbours will turn their music down so I can attempt sleeping without ear plugs tonight. After all this, know that I am happy. Happy, but also slightly stressed and very tired. And pleased that I’ve finally blogged!

Over and out.



  1. Cate

    Yum. Just yum!!!

  2. dippydoodle

    You need to read the amber spyglass and the subtle knife to get some answers to your Northern lights questions, although reading them may give you even more questions. I loved the trilogy and was 37 when I read them for the first time!

  3. One-oh-four

    I like these kinds of posts, just like natural chatter. I usually comment in a similar vein. Roast potatoes are always unpredictable in my cooker too. The dinner actually looks amazing though! I prefer Philip Pullman’s other books, The Tiger in the Smoke and the others in that series. Have you read any Jasper Fforde books? Google them, they are brilliant. Shame you have noisy neighbours, at least I can’t complain about ours – we live next door to the graveyard! Quiet, and always full of pretty flowers. Really pleased that you are enjoying Uni this year, living off campus can make it or break it. Enjoy the hols though!!!!!!!

  4. I love Phillip Pullman! Also the Christmases (plural) look great. XXX

  5. Agreed the Northern Lights book is part of a 3 book series. If you have seen the film The golden Compass, this may also help with some questions.

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