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A Very Merry Fake Christmas

It had been decided for a while that as Heather and Andy (and Tiny Tin Bird) wouldn’t be able to make it home for Christmas this year, we would have a Fake Christmas while they were visiting. We had our Fake Christmas yesterday which felt slightly odd, but it was very nice. Andy arrived on Friday evening and Andy’s dad came over for the day on Saturday to spend some  time with TTB and we had a nice lunch (which I, forgetting that we would be having a Christmas meal later that evening, stuffed myself to the brim with before rolling around on the floor moaning that I was too full). And of course, because it was Christmas, the Christmas babygros came out. Isn’t this just one of the cutest babygros? I love that you can get cute Christmas outfits for baby boys as well as girls. (Apologies for the blurry picture, babies don’t tend to stay still for very long…).



I think this photo was taken in preparation of Fake Christmas whilst dancing with TTB to lots of Christmas songs. That’s an afternoon I’ll never forget!





In the late afternoon, I picked up Rachel and Patch from work and my grandma from her house and then we came home to let the true Fake Christmas begin. It was very odd helping to prepare for the meal to be in the evening. We usually have our Christmas meal at lunch, so setting the table in the dark seemed all wrong! Andy’s dad had to get back, so couldn’t stay for the meal which was a shame, but just as well because we only just had enough seats as it was! It’s hard squeezing eight and a half people round one table. TTB didn’t have anywhere to sit, so had to be passed around the table so everyone got a chance to eat at some point!



My mum cooks up SUCH a good Christmas meal. Nut roast and roast potatoes and parsnips, Quorn sausages, mashed potato, sprouts and other vegetables, vegetable puff pastry, mushroom loaf and probably a whole lot more that I’ve forgotten. Everyone was STUFFED, but managed to squeeze down a sizeable amount of the cheesecake that she made. There were mince pies and apple pie on offer too, but the cheesecake just blew everything else away. It was gorgeous! I didn’t manage to get any photos because my memory card ran out of space and I didn’t have time to empty it before we ate.

We bought some new lights to go in the dining room and they looked so pretty draped over the dresser. They just made the whole room all sparkly and Christmas-y. (Again, sorry for the blurry picture, I was kneeling on a chair at the time!)



It was a really nice evening, and once TTB had been put to bed we sat and exchanged gifts between Heather’s mini family and our big one. I was able to give my gift to TTB (well, indirectly – he was asleep at the time, but I’m sure he appreciates it). I bought him some bookends, the ones that were delivered on my birthday and I was so happy with them! They look much better in reality than they do on the website too – here’s a link to them. I’m sure he’ll have lots and lots of books for them to hold up – if Heather and Andy (and Rachel, for that matter) have anything to do with it, he’ll have his own book shop in his room!

It was so nice having Heather, Andy and TTB over. Now they’ve left it all seems very quiet and empty. And, my God, was that little baby the centre of attention! I don’t know what to do with myself now he’s gone! I’m pleased though, because I was looking after TTB as Heather and Andy were packing and getting ready to leave and I managed to rock him to sleep – there are definitely some Auntie points there somewhere. Although, they may have to be taken away again as just after that I was asked to put his little knitted cardigan on him, a simple job for the super Aunt that I am… It was all fine, but I couldn’t quite work out how to button it up, so I left it undone. I asked Heather to button it up a little bit later and she got a bit confused before laughing and pointing out that I’d put it on him upside down! I don’t know how that happened, but I thought it looked quite nice with a little bum pouch which was actually the hood. It made him look like a little pixie!

Anyway, it’s probably good that he’s been taken away for a while to escape all the manhandling and the pressure that comes with having your photo taken several thousand times a day. I’ll definitely miss his chubby cheeks and his loooooong legs and his nice smelling hair and his dark eyelashes and the way he beams up at you if you tickle his cheek. I won’t so much miss the way he screams if you wipe his runny nose with a muslin, or the way he has the ability to cry real tears if you upset him somehow. But I can’t wait until I get to wrap him up in a fluffy towel after his bath, or tickle his feet, or rock him to sleep whilst singing him a lullaby. Those are just the BEST bits about being an Auntie.



  1. One-oh-four

    Oh, happy “fake” Christmas! It sounds as though you had fun. We are doing a similar thing after Christmas with family that we can’t see on the day itself. I like the idea of spreading Christmas out (I like to do it with birthdays too!). TTB must have really enjoyed all the attention from his aunties and grandparents, hope Heather managed to get a bit of a rest with you all helping out.

  2. Brilliantly festive. I have at least 3 celebrations a year. It is the only way to go!

  3. Alice, your final comments about TTB were so sweet – bit of moisture in the eyes here! It’s clear how much you love your little nephew. x

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