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A Productive Halloween

The 31st of October, Halloween.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Halloween and I think the same can be said for the rest of my family. We never really went trick or treating as children because our parents didn’t want to take us and didn’t really like the idea of us knocking on people’s doors asking for sweets. It IS a bit of a weird concept if you think about it… Of course, this meant that there was nothing I wanted to do more than go trick or treating (or ‘trickle treating’ as I though it was called until I was about 12). As a compromise, we would spend the day doing fun Halloween things – carving a pumpkin, making pumpkin soup and the best thing, making ‘eye balls’ to hand out to trick or treaters. This was a very complicated procedure involving making little balls using the ready to roll icing stuff that comes as a big white brick. After that, a red pupil was added on top with food colouring using a cocktail stick before streaking it out to make a ‘blood shot eye’. It was great fun! We used to add different amounts of peppermint flavouring to each one so a few poor people had incredibly strong ones. This was exactly the type of thing we were told to avoid as children – accepting unwrapped, homemade sweets from complete strangers. I don’t think anyone ever refused though!

As we got older, we were allowed to go trick or treating with groups of friends if we wanted. Only by that time, we were deemed too old to go begging for food from our neighbours and got a few discerning looks as we picked out our fun sized Mars bars. The year after that my friends and I decided to hold a Halloween party instead where we would all dress up and then try and scare people as we handed out the sweets, but it’s never as much fun if you don’t come home with a heaving bag of sugary snacks!

Fast forward a few years and here I am, sat at my desk in my uni house on my own. Everyone else is at a friend’s house watching scary movies, but I went out for a meal and drinks last night and didn’t get back till about 1am. After waking up at six, remembering that I hadn’t changed my alarm clock time when the clocks went back, sleeping for an extra hour and then getting up at seven, I’m kind of tired so I decided I’d stay in tonight and get a good nights sleep. Plus I’m a big wuss when it comes to scary movies and knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks afterwards!

I thought I’d have a nice quiet evening, maybe get some work done or read some of my book but what did I find myself doing? Cleaning. That’s right, I just got that cleaning feeling and after I’d washed up the things I’d used to cook tonight, I washed up all the other stuff that was in the kitchen. Then I washed up all the stuff that was in the living room. Then I wiped all of the surfaces, including the hob and once I’d done that I swept the floor and tidied up the living room. I never would have guessed I’d have done that tonight! But it feels SO much nicer to live in a clean house! We’re not particularly dirty or anything, in fact we’re very good compared to some other people’s houses that I’ve seen, but every now and then the washing up gets left for another day and rubbish gets left on the table instead of being put in the bin.

Here are some photos of the results of my cleaning spree. I wish I’d taken before photos, but the cleaning just kind of crept up on me – I didn’t realise I was doing it until it was done!

This is all the washing up that I did – be proud!



These are the COMPLETELY CLEAR counter tops, all nice and clean. (Please note the sparkling cooker top!).


The whole kitchen would look like it did when we moved in if it wasn’t for the fact that none of us are really too sure when the recycling is meant to be collected. We’re good, conscientious people so we make an effort to recycle what we can, but it just ends up in a big pile on the counter top instead of ever making it to the outside recycling bin. I’m sure we’ll figure it out one day…

So, I think I’ve had quite a productive Halloween! Considering that I got back from lectures at about 2 and from 3:15 to about 6:30 I managed to write over 1000 words of an essay, I think I’ve done pretty well! I hope all your Halloween’s were as pleasing as mine was and if not, I hope you have a huge collection of sweets to gorge on so you can have a sugar high to forget your day.

Happy Halloween!



  1. One-oh-four

    Am very impressed – that must be the cleanest student kitchen ever:)

  2. One-oh-four

    I came across this site today and thought it might help you 🙂 http://www.warwickdc.gov.uk/WDC/Recycling-waste-and-environment/Rubbish_x2c_+waste+and+recycling/Recycling/Red+recycling+box+scheme.htm
    You can enter your postcode and find out your collection day, as well as finding out what should be in the different boxes and bags….

    I hope you never need to avail yourself of their “used engine in a sealed container” service!

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