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A Relaxed Saturday

I don’t quite know how I’ve gone nearly a whole week without blogging, the days just seem to be whizzing past at the moment! I had a really nice time at home last weekend and actually still managed to get lots of work done at the same time. Unfortunately there wasn’t time to have a go at making the doughnuts as I didn’t realise the dough had to rest for about 3 hours in total! I’m still going to try and make them some time though, and I’m definitely having a go at making a ginger bread house at Christmas. I’ve had several attempts in past years and they all collapsed, but I’m hoping if I have an actual recipe to follow it might work a bit better. Plus I’ll use proper royal icing instead of butter icing which just doesn’t have the same cementing properties, apparently!

I’m back home this weekend because the canoe club’s hosting a race tomorrow which I’m taking part in. This morning was spent catching a train and then doing a training session whilst nursing a hangover and suffering a ton of abuse about turning up with make up on and curly hair. To be fair, I had only had four hours sleep so I think it shows commitment that I actually turned up at all! Once I got home, Patch and I watched the film ‘Taken’. I often get teased about not having seen any films and this was on the list of ones that it was apparently a crime that I hadn’t seen. I did think it was good, but not the kind of film I usually watch (not that I watch very many). It was a bit killy for my liking. I’m not sure how much I enjoy watching a man get stabbed to death by a broken wine bottle, but at least I can tick it off the list!

We had to pause the film before the end so we could dash off and pick up Rachel from work before going to Tesco to buy food for tea that we took over to our grandma’s to eat. We had nice crisps, houmous and carrot sticks while we waited for our meal to cook. This is my favourite kind of snack – I’m a houmous devil and me and Patch polished off the whole pot between us! Rachel and my grandma also had olives, but no-one was fighting them over those because olives really are gross (apologies to any olive fans, but I just don’t understand it myself!).

For our main meal, we had not so very sophisticated tear and share garlic bread with pizza. My grandma sorted out the puddings and we had sticky toffee and apple sponge, rhubarb crumble and ice cream. Yummmmmy! It was a really nice meal actually, very relaxed and just good to all be together for a bit. I’m really appreciating being able to just pop home so easily at the weekends. I know I shouldn’t do it all the time, and it’s not as though I need to but it’s just so easy! It means I can keep up with my canoeing a little more easily too which is good. Well, I should probably head to bed now considering I have a race tomorrow and I’m still only running on those four hours of sleep this morning!

I hope you all have good weekends šŸ™‚


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