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Whilst I’m being a Bad, yet Happy, Blogger I have many things to blog about but not the time to actually do it! So, in this time of no-time, I have made a list of snippets that I probably would have written a whole blog about, but just haven’t. Most of them are completely random and show the weird way my brain leaps from one topic to another. I promise I will blog properly soon. I’m going home this weekend so I’ll have time to take a step back and tap away on my laptop to resume normal blogging. So, here are 15 random facts about me:

  1. Even though my rosemary plant has a fungal infection and is therefore completely useless to me, I still water it to keep it alive. I’m not sure why…
  2. The water I use to water the rosemary plant was left in one of my bags after I moved out of halls in June. It’s therefore been in the bottle for 4 months. I think there may be a connection between this point and the first one somewhere!

  3. I realised yesterday when I was walking home from the bus stop that when I walk on my own, I count my steps over and over again, “One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.” I can make myself walk quicker if I count in my head faster – I just can’t cope with being out of synch!
  4. For some reason, I like to write out every single point I want to make in an essay on paper first before copying them out and rearranging them on Word.
  5. I HATE coriander. No relevance to this at all, I just thought I’d put it out there.
  6. I got a thank you card from my gorgeous nephew, Tiny Tin Bird the other day. It had a picture of him all spread out asleep on the duvet. I’ve got it on my bedside table so I can see him just before I go to bed and send him a long distance goodnight kiss.

  7. I still haven’t put up my last two posters for my room or any of my pictures yet. I wish they were just up without me having to do it. I miss them, but I’m too damn lazy!
  8. I’ve made friends with two cats I often see from my bedroom window. They like to walk along our garden wall or curl up in a patch of sunlight on the low roof opposite.

  9. Our garden reminds me of a children’s book we had when we were little called ‘Moving Molly’. She moved into a new house where the garden was all overgrown and went exploring. She found brambles and cats and a gate at the end of the garden (I think!). I’m so pleased with the view I have, even if it does just look out over other people’s gardens.
  10. The gate at the end of our garden has been open since we moved in. It leads out on to an alleyway, so really anyone could break in, but none of us have gotten around to closing it. (Again, students – we’re lazy!).
  11. We have third years who live next door to us who seemed perfectly nice when we introduced ourselves a few weeks ago. Now, I get woken up in the middle of the night by them blasting ‘Can You Feel The Love’ from the Lion King at top volume. I’m not so sure I want to get to know them any more…
  12. I’ve recently discovered maple syrup and brazil nut granola with vanilla yoghurt. I’m now hooked. It’s so yummy! The down side is that the box of cereal and the yoghurt has only lasted me 3 days, and it creates washing up. I got pretty good at reducing my washing up by just eating a cereal bar and banana or apple for breakfast, but the granola and yoghurt is so worth it!

  13. I’m going to Wagamama’s for the first time tonight which I’m very much looking forward to. I hear they do very nice vegetarian dishes. It was all decided last minute (I was meant to be going home tonight, but have to leave early tomorrow instead so I can still make canoeing), and as it’s a Friday night the earliest table we could book was for 9:30pm. 9:30!!! My stomach’s already growling! I think I’ll have to have a tactical snack in a minute.
  14. After finishing lectures on Wednesday, my friend and I had to wait for ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES before a bus arrived that wasn’t overflowing with people. We had to stand and watch as about 5 buses just drove straight by with a flash of the lights to say sorry for not stopping. That bus pass was definitely worth the £272 then…
  15. I watched the final of The Great British Bake Off on iplayer yesterday. I’m sad that it’s finished, but happy that when I get home I can finally do some more Bake Off challenges! I can almost smell the doughnuts. Stay tuned for a huge mess of dough and jam, it should be good!


  1. One-oh-four

    Glad that you’re so happy and busy that you’ve become a bad blogger! I’m a step counter too – especially when going up and down stairs (we have four flights of stairs in our house – all different step counts!). I’m loving the phrase “tactical snack” – I think my kids would approve:). Are you enjoying Northern Lights? Do you have the others in the series? I am just about to start reading the Sabriel trilogy by Garth Nix. Looking forward to seeing the doughnuts – they seemed like quite a faff but I bet they will be way superior to shop-bought ones.

    • When I saw they were doing doughnuts, I just had to choose them for my challenge. I’m a doughnut person! Northern Lights is going well, but it’s not as good as I’d thought it would be. I’ll do a review on it once I’ve finished it. I need to remember to bring the next books up to uni with me! 🙂

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