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A Home From Home

I’ve moved back to university now to start my second year, which means instead of living in halls I get to live in an actual house! I’ve been looking forward to showing you around, but have been busy settling in and remembering how to stay awake during lectures so this is the first chance I’ve had.

When the houses became available to look around, we were a bit slow and unorganised so we got one of the last houses left through the university accommodation (they kind of own lots of houses in the town for students to rent). Because of this we thought it was going to be really horrible and small, but it’s actually a really nice house. It took a little bit of decoration to make it feel like home, but we’re getting there. This is my room before any of my stuff was moved in:

And this is my room almost fully decorated:


And you see the manky old headboard in the first picture? My amazing mum made this beautiful cover for it. It worked so well, I’m really pleased with it! It makes the room so much more cosy and it looks really pretty.


I also put up this HUUUGE map of the world that my mum bought me last year. It was way too big to fit in my room last year but it fits perfectly now. It was such a pain putting it up because we have to use pins to attach things to the wall and as soon as you pushed them in they just pinged back out again. It’s probably not the best idea to put it right above my bed if all the pins are going to fall out, but oh well…


A nice bright rug and some spotty boxes on top of the wardrobe and I’m almost set to go. All that’s left is a big Jack Sparrow poster, all the photos that I had from last year and hopefully some bunting and a bedside table topper at some point and my room will be transformed into my own little personalised home.



I much prefer my desk area this year too – I have a window in front of my desk so I don’t just have to stare at a blank wall when I work. And look, I was even provided a bright spotty bin! They must have researched our tastes in style before we arrived.



Well that’s all I can show you for today. I want to show you the rest of the house but haven’t had time to take any photos yet. I apologise in advance for my sporadic posts – I’m still getting used to my new routine of actually having to wake up in the morning and it’s also pretty hard to write blog posts in a shared house when none of your house mates know you have a blog. Don’t worry though, I’ll make time to update you on the happenings in my life. I haven’t forgotten about you!



  1. Rachel

    YOU TOOK MY RUG! But that’s okay 🙂 It’s a uni rug, I had it for 2nd and 3rd year and it definitely brightens up a room x

  2. Liz Noonan

    Congratulations to your mum! I love the headboard cover she’s made for you it really brightens up your room, together with Rachel’s stripey rug of course. Your duvet cover reminds me of some flanelette sheets I used to have and loved because they were so warm and cuddly. Best wishes for your second year at uni. Liz

  3. Moving into a Uni house is so exciting and it looks like you’ve done a good job settling in! Your owl is so cute, I have one too but in different colours (she’s called Eggletina after the character in the Borrowers). What’s yours called?
    Abigail x

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