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Meeting Tiny Tin Bird

Meet my gorgeous nephew, Tiny Tin Bird. Isn’t he beautiful?!

Towards the end of Heather’s pregnancy, it really did feel like she’d been pregnant for at least 3 years, so God knows how long it must have felt like for her. It didn’t help that when my mum and Rachel went to visit her at the end of August they nearly ended up staying a few more days because they thought she was going to give birth at any second! About a week after the due date though, all bets were off and we realised that we would be in for a long wait.

When I found out on the Wednesday morning that Heather’s waters had broken, I got really excited and kind of expected TTB to be born within a few hours. I didn’t realise quite HOW long some labours can go on for! Eventually she was allowed to stay in the hospital to be induced so her labour might speed up a bit. The whole of Thursday afternoon and evening was spent asking my mum if she’d heard anything and pacing up and down whilst wondering allowed, “I hope she’s ok” or, “I wonder if she’s had the baby yet”. We reluctantly went to bed and asked my mum to text us if she heard anything.

At about 2:20am on the Friday morning, I got a text from my mum saying that TTB had been born by c-section. A rush of adrenaline ran through me and I blearily stumbled into my mum’s bedroom to give her a big hug. I snuggled in bed with her and we chatted about how excited we were. After a while, we realised that the others hadn’t got the text, so we woke them up and had a little middle-of-the-night ‘Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!’ moment. Then we went back to bed and were extremely tired the next day!


It was weirdly hard to concentrate on Saturday. We all said the same thing – that we’d been completely useless because we couldn’t stop thinking about Heather and TTB and that he was finally here! It also seemed to take forever before Rachel finished work and we were finally able to start the 3 and a half hour journey to meet our little nephew/grandson. Even once we got there, we had to wait until 2 pm the next day before we could actually get into the hospital and say hello. It was weird being in Heather’s house without her, but we played cards and chatted to a very VERY happy Andy while we waited. It was noticeable how full of joy Andy was, even when he was talking about completely non-baby-related things.

After a bitterly cold morning of walking around town and a quick lunch, at last it was time to head to the hospital. It was wonderful seeing Heather with TTB – she was already SO comfortable with him. She was much more lively than I thought she would be too; after hearing that she’d lost 2 litres of blood during the birth, I thought she’d barely be able to stay awake, but she was chatting the whole time and looked really good. Holding TTB was just amazing. I’m a baby person, and knowing that he was actually my nephew was incredible! I think he has the same nose as me, too!


We were only allowed to stay for two hours before having to make the long journey back home again, but it was completely worth it. We don’t get to see Heather nearly as much as any of us would like, so it was nice to actually be there with her and see with my own eyes that she was completely ok. And snuggling TTB was the best – I could just watch him for hours and all he did while we were there was sleep!

I cannot WAIT until I get to see them all again. I’m so, SO happy for them – they have a proper little family of their own now. TTB is the first little branch of the next generation for our family. How cool is that?!



  1. Sue

    I agree he is gorgeous. I expect he was still tired after hours of labour which is why he was asleep when you saw him.

    I can’t imagine how worried your mum must have been about Heather. I think that Heather has had a rough time but at least it all ended well.

    I am sure that he is going to be spoilt by his aunty Alice 🙂

  2. Jan

    Beautiful. ❤

  3. One-oh-four

    He is gorgeous. And very lucky to have such a lovely family around him!

  4. Nanita

    Congratulations on being an aunt! 🙂 Tiny Tin Bird is absolutely perfect, your entire family must be walking on clouds now, enjoy! 🙂 xxxx

  5. What a beautiful little boy. Have fun being an Auntie!

  6. Kathryn

    Well Alice he is going to be one super-snuggled baby! Very envious of small person cuddles, I think TTB is going to have lots of fun learning how to canoe and bake with Auntie Alice when he is bigger! Xxx

  7. Hello, I’ve not looked at your blog before, though I have heard it mentioned on Heather’s, but I saw this on another blog so thought I’d take a look. As soon as I saw the Strudel on your Bakeoff Challenge I knew that I would enjoy it so I cannot wait to have a look around.
    This post made me choke up a little as I am sure that TTB will adore you as much as my little man loves my sister. We were also shocked at how long labour actually takes – not like American sitcoms where the waters break, they dash to the hospital and the baby pops out.
    Abigail x

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