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Tiny Tin Bird

At 1:26 am on Friday the 21st of September, my sister Heather gave birth to a beautiful little boy, known in the blog world as Tiny Tin Bird. He weighed 9lb 7oz and was born by emergency caesarian section.

I am so incredibly proud of Heather and she is such a natural mother already. We went up to visit them yesterday and it was such an amazing feeling holding him. Both Heather and Andy have happiness spilling out of them at the moment and it made my heart flutter to see them so full of joy.

I will give a more detailed account, hopefully with a picture, once Heather has blogged her side of things because as much as he is my nephew, he is her son, and I’m told that’s a pretty big deal.

All of us are walking around with the biggest smiles on our faces at the moment! If I know anything, I know that this baby will be surrounded by so much love – he’s already got us all wrapped around his teeny tiny fingers!

More soon,




  1. Jan

    Congratulations Auntie Alice. 🙂 I hope she posts photos soon. I am glad she is doing well. Emergency c section sounds kind of scary.

  2. Katharina

    Congratulations! I just rememberd how it was, when I hold my little niece in my hands 🙂

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations!

  4. Sue

    It is good to hear that Heather is doing well. I also thought the emergency C section sounded scary but I guess it had something to do with Tiny Tin Bird not being so tiny.

    At least you could meet your nephew and give him a cuddle before you go back to uni, which must be soon.

  5. One-oh-four

    Oh wow! Auntie Alice! How grown up does that sound? Congratulations to Heather and Andy, I hope they are all all OK 🙂

  6. Congratulations Auntie Alice! I have been over to Heather’s page and he is just gorgeous 🙂 you’re so lucky to get cuddles with such a beautiful boy!

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