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A Perfect Day

The last few days has seen the sun make it’s final blazing appearance before it all but disappears in time for Autumn, and yesterday, my mum and I decided to make the most of it. We did the Tesco shop in the morning before my mum went over to my grandma’s to cut her grass for her. When she got back, we packed up a picnic in two small back-packs and headed out on a walk across the fields. I’m reading The Hunger Games at the moment, and it constantly makes me want to be outside and this was the perfect opportunity.

We began by walking up an old farm track that we’ve walked along many a time which ends in a field of sheep. Very jittery, excitable sheep that weren’t too pleased to see us. They bleated warnings while skittering away from us, aimed for the furthest corner of the field – I’m guessing the old bridleway doesn’t get much use nowadays and they’re not too used to having visiters.


After the sheep field, the path opened up into a beautifully golden field that had recently been full of oats, but now just had the little bits of leftover straw sticking up. The sunlight was also a really golden colour and the field really did look very pretty against the cloudless bluey-blue sky!




Walking over the crest of the hill and down the other side brought us to a shaded tunnel formed by trees and bushes that took us up to the disused railway bridge. It was nice to have a bit of a break from the sun, although it wasn’t too bad walking in it as there was a nice breeze to cool us down.



The light at the end of the tunnel was pouring in from the next field – a luscious green one with long grass that came up to our knees. We nearly stopped to have our picnic in a shaded spot in this field, but decided to go a little further and stop at the next suitable shaded spot.


It was after this field that we got a bit lost. Although we entered the next field and went in the direction of the arrow on the bridleway sign, no matter where we went we couldn’t find another gateway out of the field. We could see where we needed to go, but there was a barb wired fence between us and the exit. So we retraced our steps and realised that we were one field over from where we should have been. It was still a public bridleway, but the path kind of split in two and we took the wrong one. We would happen to get lost on the only bit that’s right outside a farmhouse, wouldn’t we! I don’t think anyone saw though, so we were ok.



Once on the correct pathway, it was just a quick hop over a country road, along one more field and then we found it – the perfect picnic spot. We set out the rug in the dappled shade and lay out our food under the wary eyes of a few sheep (who were much better behaved than the first ones we encountered!). And then we dug into our feast. It was about 2pm by the time we ate, so we definitely felt like we deserved it. And it was so worth the wait! Gorgeous cheese rolls, thai sweet chilli crisps, chocolate cupcakes and fruit pots. Mmm, deeelicious! (The twirl was our emergency snack in case we got hungry again on the way back).



After we’d finished our mini feast, we lay about on the rug staring up at the sky and just enjoying the peace and quiet. It was bliss.




After about 20 minutes, we repacked our bags and headed back again. My mum spotted these pretty poppies hidden amongst the grass – aren’t they sweet.



It seemed to take us half the time to walk back. I’m not sure why – probably not getting lost had something to do with it. Once we got inside, we decided that we hadn’t quite had our fill of the great outdoors and so after a quick sit down, we drove over to the canoe club to go blackberry picking. The great thing about going blackberry picking in a canoe is that you get access to the ones that no-one else can get, so you end up with all the big, fat juicy ones.



This years blackberries did not disappoint and the bushes were absolutely laden with them. We spent a good half hour picking away and came back with two tubs full of them – along with the tell-tale red fingertips of blackberry pickers!





The berries are destined for a blackberry and apple crumble that should be made this evening.

To finish off our packed but perfect day, we played a round of golf with our friends. We were both appalling (and yes, my mum would like me to mention that she beat me by two…), but a lot of laughs were had. As we watched the sun set behind the course, it showed us that we really had taken full advantage of the lovely weather. You have to really, living in England, because when a nice sunny day does arrive, you learn to grab it with both hands as you can never really be too sure when the next one may be.




  1. Hello Alice,
    What a nice afternoon. You didn’t win my giveaway, but you were so excited about the bag that I have something for you. After my daughter pulled the winners name out of the bowl, I thought about you all morning. I have something I very much would like to send you. My email is kashigriffith@yahoo.com Let me know your address. 🙂

  2. Cate

    Oh, what a lovely day! Your words and pictures made me feel like I was there with you. I need to have a picnic with my family before the days get too cold. Thank you for the idea. Hope the crumble was delicious.

  3. What a great way to spend a day & great photos!


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