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A Walk In The Woods

A few days ago, my mum, Padraig and I went for a walk in one of the woods near us. I LOVE going for walks there, especially when the bluebells are out as they just form a purple carpet over the floor. It wasn’t the right time for bluebells unfortunately, but we donned out wellie boots and headed out anyway.


A fair amount of stick collecting, balancing on fallen branches and splashing in puddles was done. (Patch has never changed – if we go to the woods, he will find a stick as big as him to lug about the whole time).


And if you’re wearing wellies, you just HAVE to wonder through every puddle and muddy patch there is. It’s like, the law.




It was while I was posing for the above photo that I realised that my right wellie was no longer water tight which led to me making a soggy run to the edge of the puddle and having to put up with a squelch every time I took a step with my right foot. Wet socks are never fun.

After that, we followed the path right to the edge of the woods so we could peer out at the amazing view we knew was waiting for us. We really do have some beautiful countryside where we live.



Once we’d torn ourselves away from the stunning scenery, we played a few very intense games of 40-40 (also known as ackey-ackey and similar to hide and seek) before having to rush home to partake in our different evening activities.

I love that we have all of this on our doorstep and that we’re still able to enjoy despite it not being ‘cool’ to play children’s games with your mum and brother. There was no-one there to see us anyway and who’s going to tell anyone? Not me!


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  1. One-oh-four

    I love the smell of muddy damp woodland at this time of year – luckily I have a very small woodland just outside my classroom window, so I’ve been opening the windows wide and letting the smell in for the last three days! Your wellibobs are v-e-r-y stylish – shame they leak 😦

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