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A Hundredth Post Challenge With Sweetcorn Fritters

Can you believe that this is my one hundredth post?! Who knew I could ramble on for so long and that people would actually read what I had to say? I think such a milestone requires a post that’s a bit different and I was thinking for ages about what I could do to make it stand out from the others. I started to write a ‘Hundred Things You Didn’t Know About Alice’ post, but after getting stuck of things to put after number four, I gave up on that one. And then it came to me. A challenge! I would do some kind of challenge to make this post special. Only, I couldn’t think of a challenge that I could do in one post, so I’ve had to settle for just announcing the challenge today. I wanted to do something that was fun, but still a challenge, and something that I would actually benefit from. So here is the challenge that I came up with:

I, Alice Murphy, will attempt to cook something from, or inspired by, ‘The Great British Bake Off‘ every week until I go back to university.

It may not sound like much, but it’s something that will hopefully be fun and challenging, and it will help me think of new things to cook while I’m away at uni. Plus, I’ve already done the one for last week with my ‘crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ cake. Ok, I know that technically wasn’t from that show, but it fit in with the criteria of having a cake with a hidden design, so I think it counts.

So that’s the challenge announced, now back to what I’ve been up to. My mum and Rachel have been away visiting Heather the last couple of days, so I’ve been left in charge of cooking. While I was at uni, one of the things that I struggled with was having a varied enough menu to keep things interesting. I know how to cook lots of things, but the space and the equipment in the kitchen there really limited what I could cook (and it was so disgusting most of the time, I didn’t feel very inspired to cook properly!). This year though, I’ll be living in an actual house with only three other girls, so cooking should hopefully be a little easier. I wanted to take this opportunity to have a go at cooking some new things that I could then cook at uni. So, I dug out a few of my many student cook books and flicked through them to try and find some suitable recipes. One that really caught my eye was a recipe for sweetcorn fritters. They were under the starters section, but they looked too nice not to have a go at making. (This recipe was from the ‘200 Veggie Feasts’ cookbook by Louise Pickford).

I asked my mum how I could turn them into a main meal and she suggested that I could put them in wraps with halloumi cheese and salad. It was meant to be served with a chilli jam, but that took longer than I had to make it, so I decided to leave that bit. I started off my whizzing up half a can of sweetcorn in a food blender before adding flour and baking powder and whizzing some more.

At this point I was hoping that they would taste a lot better than they were looking. Still, I soldiered on and added the next ingredients – a lightly beaten egg and some soy sauce.


After whizzing it all again, the batter was nearly finished (although it did happen to look a lot like baby food).

All that had to be done now was add the rest of the sweetcorn and squeeze in some lime juice (that should’ve been added earlier – oops!) and the batter was ready.



All that was left to do now was fry the halloumi (about 3 mins on each side) and the fritters (about 1.5 mins on each side) and serve.



They tasted really good with the halloumi in wraps, but were a little bland on their own. I definitely want to make them again and experiment with some different flavours. I think next time I’ll add in some spices to liven them up a bit. I will be able to cook them at university though, which was the main aim of trying them. I won’t have a blender though, so I’ll just have to mush the sweetcorn with a fork and make the batter by hand. I think they went down well with my dad and my brother, as Patch told me, “I could’ve eaten those about three more times!”. Not sure whether that means he liked them or he thought the portions were too small? Probably both, but I’m going to take it as a complement anyway – after all, when you live with males you seem to have to look hard for praise, especially from brothers!





  1. Sue

    Cooking is always a challenge for me as I am dairy and egg intolerant. Oh and I also hate cooking 🙂

    Ah that explains why Heather has not blogged. I wondered if perhaps your nephew or niece had made an early arrival. I am sure you must all be counting the days and getting excited.

  2. One-oh-four

    Love the Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook series, we have the basic one (which must be about 40 years old) and the oriental one which is brilliant. Fritters look good!


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