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Old dogs (or Rabbits)

(I took loads of photos for this post and now I can’t find my memory card, so all the photos on here are pretty old ones. Just thought I’d say before you wonder where Bunny’s cherry-eye had gone).

My rabbit, Bunny (I know), is getting very old now. He’s pretty much totally blind and we’re sure he can barely hear. But this doesn’t hold him back in the slightest.

Every few days we let him and the guinea pigs have a run around in the hallway (not at the same time, may I add). The guinea pigs are also sometimes allowed into the sitting room under supervision – we just shut all the other doors, open their cage and let them hop in and out at their own will. My grandma especially loves watching them run around her feet – she’s fascinated by them! They’re usually very cautious and run back to their cage at the slightest noise or movement. We’ve got them pretty well trained, actually – if you just clap your hands behind them a few times when it’s time for them to go back in, they know their time is up and go straight inside to the food in their cage.

Bunny, however, is not allowed in the sitting room. He’s much faster and much more curious than the pigs are and likes to get into all sorts of nooks and crannies – usually ones with important wires somewhere near them. For his run around, we block the bottom of the stairs, lift up the curtains by the front door (which he has always been very attracted to and likes to rub his scent all over) and close all of the downstairs doors. The problem is, Bunny just LOVES being around us. Whenever we walk past his cage, he puts his paws up on the bars and moves them from side to side like he’s playing the piano just to get our attention. Another of his favourite poses is to sit with his paws on his water bowl that’s attached to the side of his cage (he can’t drink from a bottle) and look as cute as possible so we all aww and ahh over him and give him a stroke. So you can imagine how frustrated he gets when he’s finally let out of his cage and yet he can’t get any closer to us. He can hear us all in the sitting room watching telly or what not, but he can’t quite get to us. Until now.

That’s right, Bunny’s learnt a new trick – he can now open doors. He’s somehow learnt that if he scrabbles at the bottom of the door and throws all his weight against it, it’ll ping open and he can dash in and enjoy our company. That means one moment we’re all quietly sitting watching TV and the next the door flies open and a very excited and proud looking rabbit appears in the middle of the floor. He knows he’s not allowed in and that he’s doing something wrong because he doesn’t try to get anywhere. He knows we’ll catch him, so he just bounds into the middle of the room and does a little skid before stopping and looking at us all, as if to say, “HELLO!! I’m here! I know I’m not meant to be, but I just couldn’t stay away from all you lovely people. Don’t be cross, look how cute I am – how could you ever stay mad at me?”. And he’s quite right – it’s impossible to get annoyed with. Instead, we all just burst out laughing before someone picks him up and gives him a cuddle which I think, in the end, is all he really wanted.

There are many reasons why he adores us all so much – not just because of the dry food and the water and the clean cage, I think this is the world’s most spoilt rabbit. The only wet food he really likes is the odd grape (actually, he loves these – he shows his appreciation by doing a little ‘grape dance’, where he holds the grape in his mouth and hops around his cage in front of us before settling down and nibbling on it), he gets treated with digestive biscuits and a new part of his routine is breadtime. Just before he settles down  to go to sleep (usually about 9:30pm), we give him a slice of white bread. He absolutely loves it and eats about half before going to sleep and finishing the rest in the morning before we’ve woken up.

He may be old, but he’s no fool. He’s got us absolutely wrapped around his littlest claw and he knows it. But we don’t mind, because with a baby face this cute, we knew from the beginning he’d be able to get us to do anything for him.



  1. Melanie

    Ohhhhhhhhh, I’d forgotten just how cute he used to look when he was a tiny baby-seems so long ago now. So cute!

  2. Have you tried giving him weetabix? Mine used to love them and cornflakes and rice krispies (all dry of course). Can you tell how often we ran out of rabbit mix?! He also adored rose petals – but only ones that had fallen to the ground.

    • Yes, Bunny’s just the same – he LOVES rose petals! He gets them every now and then as a little treat. He does like weetabix, but we don’t really eat them much and it seems a little TOO much buying them just for him! I think he likes cornflakes but he prefers bran flakes. It’s so funny that your rabbit was the same, I thought it was just him 🙂

  3. Sammy

    I feel quite sad now. Poor Bunny. You say a lot about how much he adores you all but don’t you love him too? (you don’t say so anywhere). It’s really sad to think of him pining for human company and just kept in a cage all the time. It sounds horrible for him. We wouldn’t like it shut up in a room the size of the bathroom and just occasionally an animal of another species (not even your own kind!) pops their head around the door and just for two seconds makes you feel a bit alive. Then the door closes and you are back in the world of dullness and tedium. Considering he can’t see or hear and touch is all that he now has, it is even sader. Poor little Bunny.

    Please play with Bunny and let him have some company

    • Of COURSE we love Bunny! How could we not, especially when he’s that cute! Just because I wrote about him being let out for a hop so he gets to stretch his legs doesn’t mean that this is the only time he’s out of his cage. He gets a lot of cuddles and strokes, Patch’s shoulder is one of his favourite places to sit and be stroked or groomed – and Bunny seems to snuggle down there like the space was designed especially for him! And if we’re not enough, Bunny also has company in the form of the two fat guinea pigs just across from him (although no direct contact unless under intense supervision!). It’s obvious they care for each other and enjoy seeing one another, as every time they’re let out they hop or scuttle over to the other cage and nose each other through the bars – it’s very sweet. Thank you for your concern, but know that I don’t write about every single thing within one topic. This blog is just a glimpse into my life, and a lot of details get left out. Bunny is very loved and very well cared for, as are all our other pets.

    • Sammy,

      Bunny lives in the centre of the house and has attention ALL the time. He is the most fussed loved and cared for rabbit that there could ever be. Please don’t make unfounded comments like this, he is very well cared for and is living out a happy retirement with family that love him and that he loves too. Please think about the comments you leave on a blog and remember that there is a person behind the writing and just how upsetting your negative comments can be.

  4. Awwww. What are your piggies called? They are adorable!


    • The ginger and proud one is Betty, and the black and white one who seems to like her nose near Betty’s bum all the time is Treacle. 🙂

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